Adventure Park under construction in Lubbock

With a goal of bringing more adventure to Lubbock, a local couple is building their own theme park.

After the old abandoned Putt Putt Golf and Games caught fire in 2016, Kai and her husband Jim decided to buy the 20-acre lot and transform it into their envisioned park.

Adventure Park will feature several indoor and outdoor attractions. Indoors, Adventure Park will have a game room, which will hold more than 50 interactive video games, party and group booking space, an indoor/outdoor restaurant, a rock wall for all ages, and a spin zone (bumper cars).

IMG_8485Continuing the fun outside, there will be an additional rock wall, and two 18-hole miniature golf courses that have several trees and a stream that flows through. The park also will feature bumper bayou (boats), which have water guns attached to the front to squirt your opponent; Cypress Peak (ropes course), that will have more than 45 physical challenges and several levels/courses to choose from; a zip line; adventure towers, which is a playground that is designed for any age group; mountain bike trials that span 14 acres of land; and the classic gocart track.

Evans explained that the Association for Challenge Course Technology, or the ACCT, comes in and checks every nut and bolt on all the structures, confirming that every structure which is being built is stable, safe, and secured.

Adventure Park will also have a Ranger on duty. Her name is Ranger Kay. Ranger Kay is a German Shepard who will be living at Adventure Park once it opens. She has been professionally trained to guard the park when the gates are locked.

“My husband grew up in entertainment,” Kai Evans said. “His family has owned entertainment in Lubbock, so we’ve really had the desire to offer something like this. There’s not a lot of attractions that are familybased. I’m really looking forward to seeing people connect and engage with their families. I think that there are so many distractions and we’re all so busy that it’s hard to find those moments to connect and engage with your kids or your spouse.”

So as not to disappoint anyone, Evans is not revealing the date when the park will be opened.

“We’re not making any announcements about it because we’re so weather dependent,” she added. “Most of our attractions are outside, and so when we get rain, that does put delays. So, the rains we had in August created some delays with some of our utilities to the attractions.”

However, she reassured that the park was still on schedule and is going well.

“We will open as soon as we can,” Kai Evans stated with a smile.

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