Cast announced for ‘The Imaginary Invalid’

“The Imaginary Invalid” and “The Madrigal Dinner” are the featured events of the fall semester for the Theatre Program at South Plains College.

“There was a very good turn out for auditions,” said Dr. Dan Nazworth, chairperson of the Fine Arts Department at SPC.

“The Imaginary Invalid” will be performed Nov. 1 – Nov. 4. Performances are set for 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 1 – Nov. 3, with a 2 p.m. matinee on Nov. 4. Admission is $5 for students.

“The Imaginary Invalid” is the last comedy written by the French playwright, Molière.

“Molière is in the public domain,” Dr. Nazworth added, “so he’s easy to perform. There are no requirements.”

In “The Imaginary Invalid,” hypochondriac Argon wants his daughter to marry a doctor so he can have cheaper medical bills. Argon’s daughter is in love with somebody else, however, and she comes up with a scheme to thwart the marriage and save true love.

“The (Imaginary) Invalid is a fun comedy, and in some ways very relevant,” Dr. Nazworth said.

Dr. Nazworth says he is planning on having the actors dressed in period costumes for the play.

“Part of the thing about doing educational theatre is that the audience may not get it, but the students need to be familiar with different period styles, ”Dr. Nazworth explained.

“The Imaginary Invalid” will feature student actors: Troy Jewell, as Mr. Purgon; Grant McNeill, as Mr. Flaurant; Trevin Griffin, as Mr. Diaforius; Caden Leverton, as Thomas Diaforius; Joel Palma, as Berade; Justin Fraley, as Argon; Ryan Burk, as Cleante; Anahi Munoz, as Louison; Tracie Boyd, as Toinette; Maria Pekowski, as Angelique; and Kelly Deuvall as Beline.

Fraley, a Radiologic Technology major, says he is looking forward to playing Argon, one of the lead roles in “The Imaginary Invalid.”

“It’s really fun playing a crazy person,” Fraley said, “because there are no boundaries to what you can do. So I think that is just a fun thing, because you never know what is going to happen.”

Pekowski, a Theatre major from Lubbock, has been performing theatre since she was in junior high.

“I just love the experience about getting to act in front of people and show emotion,” said Pekowski.

“The Madrigal Dinner” is a medieval play at Christmas, featuring a four-course meal with entertainment between each course.

“We really killed the fatted calf, it’s a pretty fancy feast,” Dr. Nazworth said. “It’s an excuse to go get some good food and entertainment.”

“The Madrigal Dinner” actors will also be in colorful, period clothing. The dinner and show will take place in the newly remodeled Sundown Room in the Student Center. The play will include King Arthur-esque legends and songs. “Madrigal Dinner” often involves a story of a marriage between a prince and princess.

The Madrigal Dinner choir will include: Joel Palma, Christina D. Johnson, Justin D. Fraley, Quinton R. Hammonds, Myrah B. Geter, Aaron L. Wilson, Katelynn R. Evans, Abelardo Palma, Jr., and Dalynn E. Beck.

There are a handful of canon characters included, such as a King, a Queen, and a Jester. But many “Madrigal Dinners” are adapted in unique and sometimes modern ways.

The Madrigal Dinner  will be held on Nov. 20 and Dec. 1, with exact times to be determined. Tickets go on sale around Nov. 1.

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