Counselors encourage that students should StepUp! with campus events

Across the country, 1.5 million students have experienced hazing throughout their time in grade school.

That is one out of every five students who have struggled with bullying, and 47 percent of students who transfer into college have experienced some type of hazing. Many of these students may even continue to experience it if they get involved with certain clubs, teams, or other organizations.

StepUp! Is a national movement that colleges are involved in to encourage students to intervene and do something when they see someone hurting, in trouble, or needing help in any type of situation.

For the next month, StepUp! will be hosting events on campus to help teach students how to better understand when and where is the right time to stand up for their peers while staying out of harm’s way.

Many students struggle with knowing if getting involved with certain issues may put themselves or others in danger. However, StepUp! encourages students to come together as one and stand up as a group.

On Sept. 21, StepUp! held their first meeting on the Levelland campus, hosted by Rachel Montgomery and Vinnie Gomez, counselors at South Plains College

“You don’t have to stand up individually,” Gomez says. “Usually, when you stand up for somebody else, other people will join you.”

When most people see a situation happening in front of them, one of their first thoughts may be that someone else will step in before they do. Even if that happens, bystanders still have the option to help or walk away, according to Montgomery.

The issue with this is that if no one steps up for that person in need, the individual being hurt will not feel as supported as he or she could have been.

While it is important to encourage intervening and doing something to help someone else, it’s important to make sure you are safe and follow S.E.E (safe, effectively, early).

Events will be held on Oct. 2 and Oct. 16. Both will be held in the Game Room at the Student Center, starting at 7 p.m. There will also be another event held Nov. 6 held in the Game Room at 7 p.m.

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