Cute kitty key chain illegal in Texas

Many women carry a kitty key chain that is made to be used for self-defense.

What they may not know is that this key chain is illegal under section 46.05 of the Texas Penal Code, which puts it in the same category as brass and metal knuckles.

There are two major consequences for carrying this black or pink $5 key chain. One is jail time of one year, and the second is a costly fine up to $4,000.

In “If Texans can carry guns for protection, they should be able to carry this key chain,” written by The editorial board of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in July 10, 2018, it states that Texas allows guns and Bowie knives to legally be carried. It also asks why the simple kitty key chain is illegal. “The Fort Worth Star Telegram” interviewed the president of the online company Self-defense and Security Products, who stated that the kitty key chain is by far one of his best sellers and feels that by Texas making it illegal “denies women the right to carry something simple and effective.

black_cat_defense_key_chain_540I, and other Texans, am very proud of our laws to open and conceal carry guns and Bowie knives. It is also legal to carry swords and daggers. However, I do not understand why Texas has made it illegal to carry the kitty key chain. I agree that by it being illegal, it denies women the ability to carry a non-bulky, simple, effective product for self-defense. I feel the penalties for carrying this key chain are a little over the top, and the punishment of jail time should only be if you intentionally used it to harm a human being in a non-self-defense situation. The fine also is too high and should be lowered.

This kitty key chain is very popular with women because it is small, easy to handle, cheap, and you do not have to take classes or get a license to use it. You just simply slip it on, putting two fingers through the eye holes, and throw a punch. Not to mention that it is a super cute accessory for our dull, jingling keychain. Even though someone could lose it, and then it could be found and used for unnecessary harm, that could happen with any weapon, or even with non-weapon material such as a fork or a stainless-steel straw.

I know there are other self-defense items that are popular with women, such as mace. However, this kitty key chain gives women one more option to use if they need to protect themselves from an attacker.

So why is no one demanding to legalize this $5 kitty key chain? Perhaps it is because very few people know about it being illegal. However, a better question is, why does Texas not make it better known to women that the key chain is illegal?

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