Fine Arts Showcase brings together music students

The annual fall Fine Arts Showcase helps unify incoming music students.

The showcase will take place on Oct. 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the atrium area in the Students Services Building on the Levelland campus.

For the third consecutive year, the Fine Arts Showcase will feature both the SPC concert choir and the SPC concert band, along with other small groups featuring members of the choir and band.

Each group will have their own piece of music that they will be playing for this performance. Dr. Gary Hudson directs the SPC Concert Band. Dr. Debbie Gelber directs the SPC choir, while Dr. Sesha Wallace, Dr. Derin Cash, and Albutt Gardner serve as music instructors. Dr. Lisette Jimenez is the voice instructor.

“You’ll see that the art faculty have their show up in our main gallery,” Dr. Hudson said, “and if you look in the hallway, you will see a lot of the art from classes that have been going on.”

Dr. Hudson stated that because there is a significant turnover year to year, the groups are usually rather new every year. With new students coming in from more than 20 different schools, they need to figure out how to work together, according to Dr. Hudson.

“Having each group make their own piece of music for this performance gives them the opportunity to work together on a small basis and figure each other out,” explained Dr. Hudson.  “Each section has to work as a team.”

“This is an opportunity to unify together,” he added, “and it helps the groups to gel a lot quicker. Plus, we are trying to give more opportunities for the students to perform.”

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