Drugs have detrimental consequences on loved ones



My brother died because of alcohol, and I suspect he was a drug runner.

I say this because the route he drove on with his semi-truck was known for being the route to run drugs from Mexico to the United States. I learned this from the news.  I learned his route from him.

He died at a young age. I think he was 37 when he died behind the wheel. It was a shock because we had not heard from him in a very long time. I told him I needed to know where he was, because I tear up every time it is reported that a “semi-truck was in a wreck, but we cannot release the name until we notify the family.” I begged him to tell his girlfriend to let us know if anything ever happened to him so we have closure.

The morning he died, I knew within 45 minutes. His girlfriend called me to let me know what had happened and how it happened. If I had not been persistent, we would not have known of his death.

The morning she called to tell me he had died as the result of an accident, I was not surprised but I was in shock. To lose someone you love so young is not an easy thing to go through. He left behind three kids and a girlfriend. He also left behind a large family who loved him dearly.

You may be asking, “why do you think he was a drug runner?” When Bill Clinton was in the office as president of the United States for the first term, there was a huge drug bust on a Natuve Americans reservation between Arkansas and Oklahoma.  My brother lived on that reservation.  The Native Americans he lived with had my brother’s funeral. We were allowed to attend the funeral, but they sure looked like mean people.

Recently, I have been sick, coughing so bad I can hardly breathe. There is a medicine that I take that works really well, and I have been to four stores looking for it.  I finally found out that the medicine can be used to make Meth. No wonder it is so hard to find. Something that helps me can kill others. It breaks my heart.

I have a close, almost like family, friend who works for Children’s Protective Services. He has not worked there very long, but he said recently that Meth is the number one reason why children are removed from a family. When one looks at all the different ways that Meth can destroy lives, one would have to ask themselves, “Is it better to now start using it at all?”

I know I can’t change the world, but I would like to hope that someone reading this will change their mind and not do drugs. Or I hope that someone reading this will convince someone they know who is doing it or thinking about doing it, to not do it. If you know someone who is doing it and they have children, please protect those kids. If the parents won’t protect them, then you must. No one deserves to be overlooked.

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