Student pursues dream of piloting planes



Rebeccah Brown works hard, even when she is unsure of her outcome, to one day find her passion and become someone she is proud to be.

Growing up in her childhood home in Weatherford, Texas, she was raised in a strict, disciplined, and conservative household with her brother and sister. She created a close bond with her siblings, who later moved to the Lubbock area to get an education. So she followed.

Brown lives in Lubbock with her sister, but chooses to take courses at South Plains College in Levelland because of the great atmosphere and wonderful opportunities.

Brown says that she originally aspired to be a cosmetologist, but soon realized that as much as she loves cutting hair, the salon work area just wasn’t for her. However, she did earn her degree as a cosmetologist and worked at a hair salon for some time before continuing her education this year to get a business degree.

Brown has always wanted to become a pilot and fly her own plane. To help her achieve that goal, she plans to enlist in the military. Her bachelor’s degree in business will qualify Brown to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force. With her qualifications, she can fulfill her dream of being a pilot and serving her country.

But that’s not her only reason.

“I feel like it’s always been a dream of mine to get a bachelor’s degree,” Brown says. “I have been raised with the stigma of if you want to be someone, you need an education.”

Brown says that being an Air Force pilot wasn’t always her dream. Even though she is still unsure of the possibilities, Brown says, “I’m looking for a better job for my future family like everyone else, but I want to enjoy my job too.”

Focusing on her education, Brown says that she rarely has time for electives because she spends each day focused on living the life she deserves.

“I want to experience life to the fullest,” Brown said, “and every day that we live is the chance to experience something new.”

Brown said she believes that within each day, there are endless possibilities for making yourself happy.

Her inspirations stem from her deep Christian roots.

“I am inspired by people who are passionate about Christianity, meditation, or anything, because they have a life worth living,” said Brown.

Through every obstacle she faces, being passionate about something allows for an easier climb, according to Brown.

Brown spends her spare time playing her piano and listening to her favorite composer, Debussy. She also enjoys reading, especially autobiographies such as “Brain On Fire” or “Gasha of Life,” to pass the time.

Brown is always planning. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, she plans to continue to the military with her many different skills under her belt. She also wants to make sure she lives life to the fullest by crossing things off her bucket list, which includes skydiving, being able to ride in a submarine, and traveling across the United States.

“I aspire to be exceptional in my own way,” Brown says. “That’s the best plan I can have.”

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