Graphic Arts Club, distributes original T-shirts

by Geneva Natal


One of a kind designs by the Graphics Arts Club are being made and put on t-shirts for sale.

Each design is unique, created, screened, and printed by talented students to help them afford their trip to Las Vegas for a convention during the spring semester.

For the past eight years, Robert Cloud, instructor of graphic arts at South Plains College, along with Paul Davidson, associate professor of graphic arts, and Wayne Beadles, assistant professor of graphic arts, have successfully run this business with students. For the past four years, they have been making the designs on campus because of the new equipment they received.

IMG_9610The new equipment allows for new learning opportunities for the students by teaching them how it works and giving the students a more realistic view toward what their future may look like.

Usually, they use Adobe Illustrator to make their unique designs. Then the illustrations are taken to be approved by Davidson. Davidson requires students to think outside of their own personal views and likes or dislikes.

“Designing for somebody else, not yourself, and that’s a challenge within itself,” says Cloud. “When you tell them to design something that they really aren’t interested in, it’s really hard to get a good design. We create art for other people, and it teaches them to get in that mind set.”

“Obviously, people are designing t-shirts all the time, they have to know the correct set up to get it in the right fashion,”  says Davidson. “Knowing the difference between spot colors and process colors, teaching commercial value designing for someone else not themselves. It’s really challenging to get a good design when it’s not for themselves.”

Cloud and Beadles teach a different form of art in class, one that also gives a realistic twist about what students likes versus what will be popular.IMG_9625.JPG

Once approved by Davidson, the designs go to the screen printing lab, where they print films, burn screens,and register the designs. Then it’s read to print. After the t-shirts are made in different sizes, the students set off to advance their skills in salesmanship. Club members sell their t-shirts in front of the Bookstore in the Student Center on the Levelland Campus and even off campus. The club members attend other events such as the First Friday Art Trail in Lubbock, which is a place to enjoy the walk and the work of other local artists.

“What we sell, we put back in to get more t-shirts,” says Davidson.

Profit goes back to the club, instead of working with a company. Then when the profits are in, they have money for new shirts, leading to new designs. It’s a small scale t-shirt company that allows students on campus to express their creativity and turn it into a reality.

“They design them,” Cloud says. “This is all their own hard work, all of it.”

The Graphic Art Club sells these t-shirts for a convention, the National Broadcasters Association Seminar. Each year, they make the extra effort for themselves, and because of that hard work, they are rewarded.

“We’ll be selling the entire semester,” says Davidson. “The money raised pays for the trip, hotel, and other necessities that the students will need.”

The convention is about technology coming out in TV, print, web, and gaming, according to Davidson. All different types of technology are broken up into sections. Also on display is Photoshop and all other relevant software to their class. Going to the convention teaches students about what is new. They have the opportunity to see the advances technology is making, which helps them prepare and see what’s possible for the future.

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