Not enough head chomping in new ‘Venom’ movie

Not enough head-chomping in new “Venom” movie.

The new “Venom” movie is loosely based on Marvel’s “Lethal Protector” story arc, with aliens called “Symbiotes” planning on invading earth.

The infamous anti-hero, Venom, is introduced in another Marvel movie adaptation of a classic comic book title.

This iteration of “Venom” featured Eddie Brock as Venom’s first host. But do not get this Eddie Brock confused with the crybaby, bird-chested Eddie Brock in “Spiderman 3.” The new Eddie Brock is played by, Tom Hardy, who tried his best to perform underneath miles of black licorice.

The plot is an origin story about how the symbiotes came to Earth, and what they were planning when they got there. Carlton Drake, founder of the Life Foundation, had astronauts and scientists retrieve alien symbiotes from space in a quest to achieve immortality. Many people died while landing back on Earth, because one of the symbiotes escaped and sabotaged the mission.
Eddie Brock is tasked with interviewing Drake. Brock tells his boss he does not want to perform the interview. Brock is then reminded about his troublesome track record by his boss, and is warned not to make the same mistakes. Brock steals some incriminating information about Drake from his fiancé, and ends up facing a moral dilemma.

Brock attends the interview half-cocked and ends up blasting Drake on live television, asking him questions about the families of the astronauts who died in the space mission to retrieve the symbiotes. Eddie Brock refuses to give up his sources to his boss, because he feels guilty for stealing that information.

The opening to Venom’s story was dry and predictable. The action that follows does not give the movie much redemption. After Eddie Brock bonds to the Venom symbiote, the movie does get much faster paced. Action scenes arise, but many of them are so dark, and the camera angles are so awkward, that most symbiote action is hard to interpret.

There are also many plot details that defy logic. The motivation for the characters to act on the impending crises is convoluted. For example, Venom tells Eddie that the symbiotes are planning to invade Earth, but changes his mind because he “likes it here.”

As far as gratuitous head biting, I only counted three bites, only two of which were Eddie and Venom. If three decapitations are the maximum amount allowed for maintaining a pg-13 rating, then “Venom” should have been rated R, so viewers would get to see more head chomping.

“Venom” was not as demented or violent as I would’ve hoped and expected from a “Venom” movie adaptation. Instead, Venom was more of a comic relief, from giving very solid relationship advice, to teasing Brock for not wanting to bite people’s heads off. This watered down version of “Venom” was not very exciting.

There were a few funny bits when Eddie Brock crashes a fancy restaurant date, or when Venom calls Eddie inappropriate names when he refuses to eat people. I wonder if the makers of “Venom” could have traded one of the curse words Venom says for another head chomping. It would’ve made for a better movie.

“Venom” was a decent movie, but not as good as I was expecting. Most people I’ve talked to about “Venom” had very good reviews, and said “Venom” was a must-see with gratuitous head biting.

The final battle between Riot, the team leader of the symbiotes, and Venom was very hard to see. There was too much black string cheese on top of dark backgrounds, making the entire fight scene an incomprehensible mass of the hero always winning anyway. I give “Venom” a 5/10.

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