Veteran uses past experiences as guide to success

by Geneva Natal


College is a time to find yourself.

But for Sebastian Livermore, he is ready to start his new chapter and new career with the help of his past experiences that shaped him into who he is today.

Throughout his life, Livermore has always traveled, because he is a member of a military family that moved a lot. Born in Germany, he moved from there to the United States. He spent around six years in Colorado Springs, before moving one more time, where he finished his secondary education at Jordan High School in Columbus, Georgia.

In high school, he found a deep love for sports and played football all four years.

“I get up because I want to be successful,” Livermore says. “I have a dream of what I want to achieve. I feel like I’m behind because of the Air Force. I left my old career to build towards my new future, the American dream. I want to be successful, and I have a vision of what success is and how to get there.”

Choosing the path of college changes a lot for Livermore, a business major at South Plains College who would like to work in sports marketing or human resources for a professional sports team.

In his second year of college at SPC, Livermore is planning on transferring to Texas Tech University, where his siblings are attending. At 27 years old, he started his education late because he found his first step was to enlist in the military.

He joined the Air Force right after high school, spending basic training in Texas before being stationed in St. Louis for eight years. 

“I never really felt like I was missing out on anything,” says Livermore. “I like my space, and I was developing my personality in the military, making my own decisions, being away from family.”

During those eight years, he was deployed twice. He had a career in security forces in the Air Force, which he explained is like “military police.” He says he was not only proud but happy with his job. He got the chance to travel and see things many people won’t see in their lifetime.

Livermore spent his time in the military learning and growing as an individual.

“I wasn’t ready for the military at all,” recalls Livermore. “It felt like I was struggling to keep up while in the military, because I had to learn English and German,” said Livermore. “I didn’t feel like I was a grown up until the age of 24, after being matured by the military.”

Because of the military, Livermore says he is a different person because of what the Air Force taught him during his service.

After serving in the Air Force, Livermore moved to California for two years, until plans and fate brought him to Texas in August to attend South Plains College. In class, Livermore makes an effort to reach out to his instructors.

“I have a respect for what they do,” he explains. “Their teaching and education degree, I have a great respect for education and what the teachers do.”

Livermore says that he chose to attend SPC because of the closeness of the campus and the ease in which the instructors reach each student. Livermore finds a silver lining in everything and makes the best out of his situations.  

“In my time in the Air Force,” Livermore explains, “I learned a skill to gather multiple perspectives and not rush to conclusions.”

Because of this valuable lesson, Livermore says he looks at life and society differently. He still keeps in touch with his military friends, but he also finds new friends in classes with little judgement.

However, Livermore is an introvert by nature, and his hobbies include working out, which he started focusing on when he became unhappy with his weight after the military. Now he spends time working out, hiking, and being a nature fanatic. Indoors, he plays video games, playing with his dog, an American pitbull and terrier mix, and listening to any type of music, except country.

Livermore says that he enjoys the weather in West Texas, especially this time of year. He enjoys the cold weather and the rain, as he is thinking of moving to Oregon one day just for the weather. He also dreams of one day moving back to Germany after he relearns the language.

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