Cruz travels to Lubbock for rally before Election Day

by Debra Montandon


“Raider Power” is the chant that began to turn this gathering into a pepped-up rally. The excitement grew as a crowd was waiting for the arrival Senator Ted Cruz.

He has been traveling around, appearing at a live rally anywhere people will come.

Less than a week before the election, Senator Cruz made his final campaign stop in Lubbock for a rally on Oct. 31 at the Four Bar K in Lubbock.

Steve Evans, Lubbock County Republican Chairman, said that even though there is a high number of people voting early, it is not over until the last person has voted.

Dan Smith, state director for Texas Farm Bureau, was given the honor of introducing Senator Cruz. Smith had a Cruz rally scheduled in his barn, but it was cancelled and relocated to Lubbock.

When Senator Cruz came out, there was roaring like you were at a Texas Tech football game.

There was only one protester.  When she was being escorted out, Cruz said with a smile that she was exercising her First Amendment right. However, there were more than 500 people showing up in support.  They cheered everything he talked about in sincere approval.

According to Senator Cruz, he has worked hand in hand with the President Donald Trump to cut taxes, “the largest in a generation.”  Congress cut taxes for small businesses, farmers, ranchers, working men and women all over the state. The child tax credit was doubled from $1,000 to $2,000 per child per year. The exemption of the death tax was double, which means that two thirds of the small farmers, ranchers, and small business owners are now totally exempt from paying the tax, according to Senator Cruz.

“Where is Beto on tax cuts?” Senator Cruz asked. “He voted against them. He wants to raise your taxes, and he thinks he knows better how to spend your money. He wants to raise your taxes. He was on El Paso City Council. He voted for a rain tax. What is that? Here in Texas, we celebrate when it rains not tax you.”

Senator Cruz helped repeal the Waters of the United States rule, which was hurting farmers and ranchers and giving power to the EPA to regulate.

Senator Cruz reissued H. R. 3004, also known as Kate’s law, which is a law that protects American citizens from people entering the country illegally.

“The fundamental difference between Beto and Cruz is, Beto is open to abolish ICE and I want to abolish the IRS;” said Senator Cruz.

“Beto O’Rourke is the only Democrat who has explicitly come out wanting to impeach President Trump,” he added. “He would vote yes today, right now, to impeach Donald Trump. That is great if you want to raise money from Hollywood liberals, but that is not Texas. In Texas, the economy is booming, more jobs and wages are going up, and kids are coming out of college with hope and opportunity that they can earn a decent living. He wants to stop all of this in its tracks and send it into chaos. That doesn’t make any sense.  Usually, a Democrat running for office runs moderate, but not him. He is running hard left, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He is the #1 fund raiser in the country.”

Texas produced 33 percent more oil last year than in 2016. National unemployment is down, at its lowest in 49 years according to Cruz. African American unemployment is at its lowest since it was recorded, and Hispanic unemployment is at it lowest since it was ever recorded.  Youth unemployment is at the lowest in 52 years, Cruz told the crowd.

“You lower prices when you bring in competition on health care” says Senator Cruz.

“We know the left is angry. They are pouring thousands of dollars into Texas trying to

stop our progress we have made. Today, this is the 41st rally in six weeks. At just about every one of them, people will come up to me and say, “Ted, I am a Democrat and have been my whole life. I no longer can stand with the leadership. I am with you.”

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