Texan ID now available on cell phone

Students at South Plains College now have the option of having their Texan ID card on their cell phones.

The ability to have the IDs on TouchNet OneCard was made available to students at the beginning of the fall semester. Miranda English, the director of student life at SPC, said that the IDs help students because it is easier to access them, and it makes it harder for the IDs to be lost.

“IDs are lost all of the time,” English said. “Students end up paying a lot every semester to replace a card, because it’s a $10 fee to replace it.”

English said that there is a plan in place in the event that the phone is lost. Students will be able to get a new card until they get a new phone and reinstall the app.

The mobile version of the Texan ID can be flipped between the front of the card and the back. The front serves as a normal photo ID and has your ID number on it. The back can be used to scan into places like the Cafeteria and the Technology Center. It can also be used to check out books in the Library.

The only thing the app cannot do as of right now is grant access to the dorms or the Allied Health Building.

“The goal is to eventually be able to use your phones to gain access to the dorms,” English adds. “As soon as the school is able to replace the door readers with optical readers that are able to scan a phone, then students will be able to use the phone for door access.”

In the near future, there will be an app for Texan Connect and Colleague that students will also be able to access their ID on.

“It will be a ‘one-stop shop,’” said English. “You will be able to press a button on the app which will pull up your ID, and there will be no need to double sign in to get the Texan ID.”

English said that it is more cost effective for the College to have electronic IDs, as it costs $5 for prox-access IDs. Non prox-acces IDs are between 30 cents and $3 each.

To get the electronic Texan ID, search for TouchNet OneCard on the App Store or Google Play. Then install TouchNet. Once installed, you will need to search for the school, type “SPC,” and then click on South Plains College. Then log into TouchNet using the same credentials used to log into Texan Connect. Students who do not know their Texan Connect log in can contact the Help Desk at (806)-716-2600.

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