Word On the Street

by Makayla Kneisley and Geneva Natal


miguel galiano socialogy of art soph“Spending time with family, and being in the United States, Because I’m from Spain. We don’t have Thanksgiving in Spain. So it’s pretty cool to have this celebration here and be a part of it. I love it. I love to have celebrations here that I’m not able to have in my country, and it’s interesting to learn about the culture as well.”

Miguel Galiano





sara marin business marketing soph“I think food. I love turkey, and I like potatoes. I’m from Columbia. In Columbia, we don’t have Thanksgiving in November. It’s in December, so my tradition is kind of different. Everything starts on December 1. So on December 1 to December 31, it’s like celebrations and meeting and reunions with your family in Columbia. But here I just go to my parents’ house and eat turkey and potatoes.”

Sara Marin

Business marketing



Jorge“We really just sleep. There’s food sometimes, but I always treat myself to cheese cake or pumpkin pie.”

Jorge Osuna

Mechanical Engineering






daniella Toledo“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is just getting with family and we all do something special like I bake the green bean casserole, and then my parents do the rest of the cooking. But mainly just getting together and spending time, because it’s a really busy the world we live in.”

Daniella Taledo

Nursing Major




Alazea DouglasMeeting up with everyone at the grandparents’ house, celebrating, eating food. We play games and watch football.”

Alazea Douglas

General Studies





Fabian Acosta 3“Go black Friday shopping as soon as sales go up. Me and my brother, we just get up and are like ‘lets go black Friday shopping’”

Fabian Acosta

Radio production






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