Former student selected as new Dean of Records

Recently taking on the new position of Dean of Admissions and Records, Kathryn Perez is no stranger to South Plains College.

Perez had been serving as associate dean of students,with responsibilities for housing, residence life and campus life.

Perez graduated from Levelland High School in 2002, and has lived in Levelland all of her life.

“I’ve never done that move away thing and come back home,” Perez said.  “I’ve just stuck here and have been happy here.”

Perez attended South Plains College and received her Associate of Science degree in 2004. She then transferred to Texas Tech University and received a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She later earned a master’s degree in Student Development and Leadership from Angelo State University.

After attending Texas Tech, she worked for South Plains Community Action in Levelland for their Head Start program.

“I did that for about a year and a half,” Perez said. “And did the social work piece of it. Part of the Head Start program is not only the preschool part, but then there’s some family support and different things that they try and meet for the kids that are in that program and the family.”

After working for South Plains Community Action, she came to SPC in 2007 and worked in the College Relations Office, which is now Marketing and Recruitment, as a recruiter for the college for three and a half years.

“Then I transitioned into a new position that was created in that office,” Perez explained, “and that was the coordinator of new student programs. And that position dealt with all of the prospective student events, like Senior Sneak Preview and Texan Preview Day. And then it also organized New Student Orientation for the summers. ”

Perez later transitioned to associate dean of students in 2016, before starting her new position as dean of admissions and records at the end of the Fall 2018 semester. She replaced Andrea Rangel, who retired in December after 45 years at SPC.

“I’m the type of person that I can’t stay in one place for very long,” Perez explained. “I’m a learner, so I like to learn new things. This position was exciting for me because it let me kind of get back into the roots of where I started into higher ed. So with recruitment and new student programs, it wasn’t fully on the admissions side, but we had to work really closely with admissions. It was very much our responsibility to be that face out in high schools and different events in the communities to tell students how you start from here and get through registration.”

Perez explained that while working in recruitment, she had to know the basic admissions processes, along with testing and meningitis requirements. She said she feels that this new position gets her back into that side of the college again.

“I’m still learning a lot,” Perez said. “This position obviously oversees Admissions and Records, and so we deal with everything from the admissions process and the documentation that goes along with that, to keeping the records of courses and student schedules, to making sure that transcripts are correct and make sure that grades are correct at the end of each semester.”

Perez said she’s excited for this new position and is ready to figure out what needs to be done in their office to benefit the students.

“The staff here are fantastic,” said Perez, “and they do a great job with students. But I think we have a lot of opportunity to continue to grow and make sure that we’re moving in a direction that we’re taking care of students.”

Perez said that she wants to make sure that her office is providing information to students in a timely manner.

“I’m excited to get to kind of play with the new processes and things that we might get to change up,” Perez said. “I’m very much an improvement person, so I like to see what we can do differently and then problem solve through that and create new new ways of doing things.”

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