Student chasing dream career in media

Fox Jeree Parks has a welcoming smile and is never afraid to give her opinion.

The 21-year-old telecommunications major chose to attend South Plains College because it was close to home. She resides in Lubbock, Texas, so she wanted to attend a college that is a affordable. Parks also said that SPC has a great program for her major.

Parks said, “I went into media because I love movies, particularly “Lord Of The Rings.” That convinced me, and I love making movies.”   

She currently works for KJTV-34 in Lubbock, one of the local Fox affiliates, for the evening news.

“The best part of my job is being able to direct a live broadcast, ”said Parks,  “The worst part is working 40 hours a week, and most of the time that includes going in at 4 a.m.”

Parks’ heroes include any female director, along with actor Anthony Hopkins because he is creepy and progressive. She thinks he’s just great. Parks hopes to one day live in New York City after visiting there last summer. She said it was just so cool and she loved every minute of it.

Parks has two brothers and two sisters. For fun, Parks watches movies and enjoys hanging out with her fiancé and cat, Leia.

Parks finds balancing life very tough, saying, “I find it extremely difficult being so grown up with so many responsibilities. Although it is very rewarding, I have a fiancé that supports me, and helps me deal with the balancing of work and school.”   

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