Alum find career she enjoys after facing challenges


Jordan Dewbre says she chose South Plains College because of their well-known Allied Health program in surgical technology.

“They have the best program around,” Dewbre said, “and also produce the best results in the work field.”

She said that she was “attracted to SPC for their small class numbers, and the willingness of professors to help her achieve her goal of graduation.” SPC was always her first choice because it was affordable and offered the classes she needed, according to Dewbre.

Dewbre attended SPC from 2014 to 2016. She earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Surgical Technology.

  She says her favorite class was Anatomy and Physiology because it challenged her  and kept her completely engaged. It was a very difficult class. However, everything she learned kept her attention and kept her wanting to learn more.

She always knew she wanted a career in something that she could keep learning and that offered something different and challenging every day. She walked the halls of the Allied Health Building not knowing much about anything other than nursing. However, when she saw they offered surgical technology, she saw that she could have a job in the operating room every day, which definitely caught her attention.

Dewbre said that college for her was very difficult. She had two young school-aged children and was trying to run her household and keep up with daily responsibilities. She says that there were times when she wanted to give up, but it was because of her children that she knew she had to keep going and show them how important a college education is to be successful in life.

Clinicals also were difficult for her, as they required her to be in class eight hours a day. So, holding a job was nearly impossible. She had to work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. However, the hospital that allowed her to work there also ended up hiring her, and she says that she could not work for a better place. Clinicals were basically working for free for eight hours a day, so that in itself was a battle, according to Dewbre. However, the importance of hands-on experience was critical for her success.

  It also helped that her family was very supportive, as her parents helped her with her children and daily duties that needed to be done.

Dewbre said she really enjoyed the ease of parking and registering for classes at SPC. Everything was very user- friendly. Every professor she had was very helpful, and they were willing to help her with any questions she had, according to Dewbre. The head of her program, Kristi Cole, and Paul Landsman, were very helpful and knowledgeable as well.

“I can’t thank them enough for helping me become who I am today in my profession,” said Dewbre. “It is an honorable profession, and some days without many thanks. However, it is truly rewarding.”

She enjoyed a good rapport with her professors, letting them know she was willing to work hard and try her best at everything she did. She said she believes that helped them know she respected them, and they showed her the same in return.

Dewbre said that she would definitely recommend SPC to anyone who needs basic classes, or if they are looking into a job in the health field.

One of her favorite memories in her journey was being able to take a trip as a class to the medical examiner’s office, which she said was “a really neat learning experience.”

Dewbre recalls that during class time, they were visited by representatives from four different hospitals, including some from out of town because they knew that SPC produces the best results and hard-working surgical technicians. So finding a job after graduation was not hard at all for her.

Dewbre graduated in December of 2016 and participated in the graduation ceremony in May of 2017.

She spends most of her days working at University Medical Center. Patient care is important, she said, and to see it and know her life or her loved ones would be in great hands is very rewarding. Dewbre said that no day is ever the same, and no case is the same. So it keeps her learning and intrigued.

When she is not at work, she spends time with her 10-year-old, Maddison, and her 7-year-old, Hayden, along with her two dogs, Cali and Chloe, and her husband Jared. They love all things outdoors and sports. The kids go from one sport to the next, said Dewbre. She said they truly enjoy watching and coaching them.

“I am so thankful to SPC for my education,” said Dewbre, ”for making it possible for me to better my life and my family. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA and it was not easy having two small kids, However, because of their support and understanding, and a whole lot of late-night study sessions, it was made possible.”

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