‘Miss Bala’ touts empowering story with strong lead actress

A night out on the town turns into a deadly shootout for Gloria that will change her life forever. As bullets fly across the nightclub, Gloria ducks for protection. Her eyes search the room for her friend. She must decide how far she will go to protect her life and her loved ones.

How far would you go to protect your loved ones ?…Think about it

“Miss Bala,” an action-packed drama film starring Gina Rodriguez as the amazing character, Gloria, takes the audience on a roller coaster adventure. This 104-minute film will have you biting your nails wondering what is going to happen next.

The movie features an amazing cast that is able to create suspense.

5c5330b37acc0.imageThis film is empowering for women, especially women who look like Rodriguez. Her strong role in this film is amazing and will have you wondering how far Gloria will go to protect the people she cares for and loves.

Gloria is a make-up artist who lives in San Diego, California near the Mexico border town of Tijuana. She visits her very close friend, Suzu, whom she has known since childhood. Gloria plans to help Suzu win the Miss California Baja Pageant. Gloria and Suzu seem to have a very close bond and care about each other as sisters would.
Gloria seems trapped in her life. She looks as if she is stuck where she doesn’t want to be and wants more out of life. In one instance, she creates makeup drafts to show a manger her ideas. Instead of being open to her ideas, he just told her to do her job! Period. She was shut down and her idea wasn’t even given a chance in her work place. Perhaps Gloria is in the wrong work field but doesn’t know it yet.

The weekend starts off with Gloria packing and driving to Tijuana, Mexico. The setting is shown realistically. The audience watches the screen as Gloria anxiously goes through customs with her passport to enter into Mexico to see her close friend Suzu.

Gloria’s smile and mood are becoming extremely visible as she gets closer and closer to arriving at her friend’s house. The greeting between the two women is very heartwarming and welcoming. They are overwhelmed with happiness, and they both scream and embrace each other. The women are very ecstatic about the upcoming weekend, which is off to a great start.

The next day, the women attend pageant meetings while enjoying each other’s company. After a series of unfortunate events, Gloria finds herself in a very difficult situation. She is faced with many challenges that will bring out strength she never knew she had. Gloria’s life, and the lives of the ones she loves, are put into a gang leader’s hands after being handed over by a corrupt cop.

Ismael Cruz Cordova stars as Lino, a gang leader. To avoid any instances with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Lino makes a deal with Gloria, who will have to make a decision of a lifetime about how far she will go to protect those she loves. Will Gloria gamble her life and the ones she loves? Watch this film to find out what Gloria’s next move is.

I loved every second of the movie, but I do believe it could have been more scandalous. I expected a little more romance or some form of deception along with romance. That could have been the cherry on top for this film.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, and I hope to see more action thriller films with female leads. I enjoyed the role Rodriguez played as she did an excellent job of representing a strong women who is not afraid of taking on obstacles in her life. I give “Miss Bala” 8 out of 10.

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