Sophomore selected for Student of the Year representing student government


Audrey Crowson was recently selected as Student of the Year for Region One at the state capitol in Austin.

Crowson, along with the rest of South Plains College Student Government Association, was in Austin for the Region One meeting and Community College Day held on January 29.

At the Region One meeting, various awards were presented, such as the Chapter of the Year Award and Student of the Year. Crowson was nominated and voted on unanimously by representatives of all regions.

“I was unanimously voted on, so all the schools agreed that I should be student of the year and they voted that for me,” explained Crowson, a sophomore from Lubbock.

In April, Crowson and other Student of the Year nominees from the other five regions will run for Student of the Year at the state level.

Crowson said the nomination wasn’t a surprise, but winning certainly was.

“I knew I was running for our school,” Crowson said. “But I didn’t expect to win at region, so I was really excited about that.”

For Crowson, this achievement means a lot. She said coming to college was different after homeschooling. This award makes her feel like she has overcome those challenges.

“I’ve always prided myself in how well I could do academically,” said Crowson, recalling her first semester at SPC, “and it was a challenge. It was a really big learning curve trying to figure out college. It made me feel like I had overcome a lot of the obstacles that I had faced within my first year being here, and just knowing the amount of support was amazing to me.”

On campus, Crowson is involved in many student organizations. She serves as a Campus Ambassador and student worker, as well as the Commuter Affairs Representative for the SGA.

As the Commuter Affairs Representative, Crowson is an advocate for students who commute to campus. Advocating for commuters includes providing microwaves across campus and food availability.

“One of the things I worked on with Miranda English was getting microwaves on campus so people could have warm meals when they’re here,” Crowson explained. “My job is to just be a voice for commuters, and within Student Government it is to be a voice for all students in general.”

Crowson, a political science major, knows this achievement will help her in the future. She plans to transfer to Texas Tech University and get an internship, hopefully in Washington, D.C.

“At Tech, you have to do an internship for political science, so you’ll end up going somewhere,” Crowson explained. “It could be Austin, it could be somewhere like Washington, D.C. which is my hope. It’s a very difficult place to get into to. I know the spots fill up quick, and so my achievement here will go on my resume and hopefully it will help me stand apart from other candidates who are applying for the same internship.”

SPC has played an important role for Crowson in this achievement. She says that coming to college was terrifying for her, but she has gained confidence in herself and her abilities. During her time at SPC, she has built close connections with faculty and friends.

“I think what makes this school great is not only that the faculty looks for the good in students,” said Crowson, “It’s that other students feel that from their professors and then they do the same to other people. Then you get connected, and you build strong friendships.”

Crowson says she will be sad to leave. No matter what, SPC will hold a special place in her heart.

“It’s going to be difficult to leave,” Crowson said, “but it has been the best place for me. I will always be an advocate for SPC, always.”

Crowson does not know what is in store for her after college, but she does know that she wants to help others.

“I want to do something that actually affects people day to day,” explained Crowson, “and not just affects them, but helps them in a positive way.”

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