Student following family footsteps toward agriculture

Cesiley Stroud decided to become an agriculture communications major because of an appreciation for her deep agricultural roots.

“So going in for a company and doing their social media work or PR work for people,” Stroud explained about her future career plans.

Her mother attended SPC for nursing, and some of her friends also transferred which made SPC a prime choice towards her goal of transferring to Texas Tech University. After her third year of college, Stroud plans to study abroad, with hopes of going to Australia.

“I’ve kind of always been obsessed with Australia, because it is one of those places where you can do everything,” said Stroud. “Australia has everything, the tropics, forest, desert and mountains.”

Stroud has a deep interest in agriculture. While attending Cooper High School, she participated in FFA, public speaking, AG issues, and livestock judging among her many activities.

“God has opened me up and kind of given me an outlook as to what I want to do,” Stroud explained. “I know I want to do agriculture.”

Having parents with agricultural backgrounds encouraged the Lubbock resident to pursue agriculture as her own career. Stroud is also passionate about agriculture because she looks to her father, Chad Stroud, who passed away five months ago, for inspiration. Chad Stroud grew up on a dairy farm, and later a ranch. Cesiley Stroud learned how to raise horses while growing up.

“You really get to know a person once they’re gone,” Stroud said.
Chad Stroud had been in the H-VAC industry. He had turned down a sales job offer from a large corporation so he could work with his hands and continue doing what he loved. Cesiley admires her father because of this, and strives to have the work ethic and determination that her father had.

Stroud tackles her schoolwork with confidence, describing herself as a visual learner. Simply writing facts down over and over, using flash cards, or re-reading passages in textbooks are her preferred methods of studying that work for her. Also, Stroud utilizes math tutoring available to her whenever she can.

“What’s nice about the math tutors is that they post their schedules outside the door,” she explained. “I go to Joy, or Bray, and I just go in whenever they’re in there, and they help me so much.”

Stroud thinks it is important to learn who you are as a person and understand yourself. She admits that she has a lot of growing to do, but she said she feels that she knows who she is, and who her friends are, which is important to her.

In her free time, Stroud enjoys hanging out with her friends, and watching movies. Her favorite thing to do is read books, however. She is currently reading “The Quite Patient.”

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