Student chooses SPC for college experience

Donald Duane Sanders II is enthusiastic about education and looks forward to making the classroom a fun place for students.

A sophomore at South Plains College, Sanders currently resides in Arlington, Texas, with his mother Lashunya Sanders and his cousins.

During his free time, Sanders enjoys listening to almost all kinds of music, along with watching animes and sports.

A Human Development and Family Studies major, Sanders plans to pursue teaching after completing his associate’s degree. He also would like to be a football, volleyball or basketball coach.

Sanders would ultimately like to coach basketball at a college or university, but mentioned, “If I stay in high school, I at least want to win two or three championships.”

Sanders decided to study to become a teacher because he said he believes that the classroom must have a very fun and entertaining environment so the kids can learn and enjoy the process.

“I want to be able to leave an impact on my kids,” said Sanders. “Even if like they don’t go to college, at least they had a change in their character and I made an impact on their life.”

Before coming to SPC, Sanders attended the Southeast campus of Tarrant County Community College. He said that he enjoyed his classes, but the college did not have sports or dorms. That was one of the main reasons he decided to transfer.

“I felt like I wasn’t growing as a person and I really wanted that experience,” explained Sanders. “I feel like knowledge is really important to people being impactful with other people.”

After one of Sanders’ close friends came to study at Texas Tech University, he was encouraged to go out and live the full college experience.

In the process of looking to obtain a full college experience of living in the dorms, meeting new people and participating in campus events, Sanders found SPC. After coming to a student orientation, he learned interesting facts about the college.

“It’s funny, because where I live there’s a street that’s called Levelland,” Sanders said “My mom noticed that when we came back from the student orientation.”

The thing that Sander enjoys the most about SPC is the atmosphere of a small city and how friendly the community is that he found at the college. He likes how accepting and open minded the school is, a different experience than at his previous college.

“I think people just realize we’re different,” Sanders said. “We’re in a different part of our lives, and we should have fun. Everybody’s really calm and respectful of each other.”

Sanders also mentioned how Levelland reminds him of the city where he lived for most of his childhood in Mississippi, and how enjoyable the environment is.

“It just feels like at home,” said Sanders.

When it comes becomes to motivation, Sanders is always looking for ways to motivate himself. He knows that he can improve his skills to become a better person by working hard at his academics.

Sanders says that the one thing that motivates him is the importance of education in his life.

“Even if I didn’t have the opportunity going to college, I still want to go because I think learning is important,” added Sanders.

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