New ‘Dumbo’ movie revives Disney classic

“The amazing Dumbo” are words that echo as the circus conductor introduces the newest act, a baby elephant standing on top of a ladder high above the crowd shaking nervously while looking down.

The crowd will soon discover how talented Dumbo really is.

6864-11704-Dumbo“Dumbo,” a film by Tim Burton, was released on March 29. The live action film, based on the original 1941 “Dumbo” animated movie, opens with the same classic circus train song as the original, which was a lovely touch to introduce the opening scene. As the music is playing while the train whistle is blowing, the audience is reeled into the setting of the movie.

The spin on the film is interesting, as it focuses on the circus business and the hardships that can come with it. The movie introduces a family who is in charge of the elephant pen. The family has been through losses and depends on the circus as a way of living.

The film has an amazing list of actors, such as Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Eva Green. Danny DeVito plays the circus conductor, Medici, who manages the circus. He buys an elephant that is pregnant and will deliver him just in time to attract people for his circus. He is depending on it.

The family working with the elephant falls in love with the baby elephant that is born with an interesting feature. The circus conductor stresses how important he needs the baby elephant to be perfect and be out on display as an attraction.

This film brings together a family who has suffered through hardships and are brought together by the amazing Dumbo, who was stripped away from his mother to perform with a special talent that will be discovered.

Dumbo’s innocent character and personality are captured throughout this movie.

He doesn’t speak, but his actions speak for him. He opens up to the children who are partDumbo.jpg of the family working with the elephants. Dumbo earns his keep at the circus when the kids discover exactly how unique the elephant really is.

The family is put in an extremely stressful situation when Dumbo’s act for the circus will determine if the business will survive. The combination of characters and what they believe in is expressed in this film. The ideas expressed in this movie are very heartfelt and relatable.

There are also new and exciting scenes in this live action film that bring importance to topics relevant for this time. The characters bring out the family ideas in this movie, and it shows because this film focuses on embracing your differences and owning who you really are. No matter how different someone might look, people are brought together in this film. It shows all kinds of people being kind and supportive to one another.

“Dumbo” is a great movie to watch with your family, as it is a movie for all ages. I went to see “Dumbo” with my family. I enjoyed the live action remake of the original Disney movie.

This film had emotional scenes and eye-catching special effects. I rate this movie an 8 out of 10. This movie was really interesting to watch, and the story line was great.

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