Automotive programs receive service excellence accreditation

The Automotive Service Technology programs at South Plains College recently received the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence accreditation, raising them to the highest level in industry standards.

The programs on the Levelland campus and Lubbock Center campus now are accredited for the next five years. According to Gary Ham, associate professor of automotive technology, the faculty members have been working on the accreditation for two years.

The ASE accreditation is a long, complex process that includes the evaluation of each program by the structure, processes, resources, material, and mission of the automotive school.

The automotive programs at SPC emphasize a hands-on training on various skills such as engine service, transmission, steering, electronic computer control service, fuel injectors, front wheel alignment and balancing, along with braking systems.

“We have dealerships and shops calling us to help them fill job vacancies,” said Ham. “Pretty much every student in the program already has a part-time job working in the industry while they’re in school.”

Gary Ufford, professor of automotive technology, ensures that the high level of training at the Lubbock Center campus meets the program requirements of ASE.

The importance of the implementation of this accreditation positively impacts SPC students by having more vigorous training that will well prepare those future professionals to excel on the job.

“After industry requirements are met, the program is awarded ASE Accreditation for a five-year period from the date of accreditation/renewal of accreditation,” said Ham.

In the training process, the students must take specific classes to achieve the requirements for the ASE Certification. Those classes are Engine Repair, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle, Manual Drive Train & Axles, Suspension and Steering, Brakes, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Heating and Air conditioning, Engine Performance, and Light Vehicle Diesel Engines.

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