‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ adds depth of minor characters

Having to choose between her two worlds, Sabrina Spellman stands her ground against the Dark Lord in the second part  of  the Netflix original “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

In part 2, Sabrina is devoting herself to her studies at the Academy of Unseen Arts, after signing her name in the Book of the Beast. Despite the dismay of Father Blackwood, played by Richard Coyle, she remains eager to do things her way. Challenging the status quo of how things are done at the Academy, or as she sees how they should be done, Sabrina is more powerful and self-assured than she has been before. So she is seen as a threat by the patriarchal forces that control her world.


The episodes pick up right where they left off at the end of Part 1, with Sabrina trying to take down the Dark Lord from inside the Church of Night. It does not go particularly well, however. Part 2 also picks up with her power and popularity increasing, while her mortal friends have really complicated, mostly negative, feelings toward her.

This season, the writers and directors have added depth to characters who were previously almost one dimensional. Cousin Ambrose, played by Chance Perdomo, benefits the most from this, getting a tragic story arc that compels him to reveal what it is that he truly wants in the process. Madame Satan, played by Michelle Gomez, Harvey, played by Ross Lynch, Roz, played by Jaz Sinclair, and Susie, played by Lachlan Watson are also granted a newfound multi-dimensionality that catapults them into the narrative spotlight and forces viewers to recalibrate their perspectives on who these individuals are.

With Sabrina’s life getting increasingly dark as she learns more about the Path of Night, she still finds time to try to be an ordinary teen. Harvey, Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend, is still reeling from finding out that not only is his girlfriend a witch, she used her abilities to resurrect her dead brother. That wasn’t outweighed by that fact the she also helped his father stop drinking via a magic potion. While he understandably needs some space, he sees a potential love interest in Roz, who is one of Sabrina’s closest friends.

Sabrina has also moved on with a warlock, Nicholas Scratch, played by Gavin Leatherwood. But can a young warlock truly be as honorable and trustworthy as Nick in a society where men worship the Father of Lies?

Sabrina learns some hard truths in part 2 of the series about who to trust and how to stand up for herself despite her worries.

Part 2 takes the good parts of part 1 and adds more depth to characters and a better story arc. The show has amazing visuals throughout both parts. It also has actors who are amazing at portraying their characters with emotional depth, which keeps viewers invested.

I give part 2 of “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” a nine out of 10.

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