‘La Llorona’ modern retelling of Latin folklore

A cursed family is face to face with an evil entity. A widowed mother will do anything to protect her children from this force and remove the woman from her house.

She will be faced with many obstacles as she tries to overcome this paranormal situation.

MV5BMTkxODk1MTM3Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDUxNzg0NzM@._V1_“La Llorona,” Curse of the Weeping Woman, recently was released to theatres as the latest addition to the conjuring series.

This twisted spin on an old-fashioned ghost story is made Hollywood-style.

This movie brings to life the curse of the weeping woman, an ancient Mexican ghost story.

There are many versions of “La Llorona,” but the key parts of the story are how a beautiful woman who is heartbroken by her husband after he leaves her with two children goes into a jealousy rage, wanting to take something away from the man who left her.

In her range of anger and jealousy, she drowns her two children in the nearby river. After her children are dead and her anger rage is over, she then realizes the damage she has done and is consumed with guilt. She becomes known as the weeping woman who eventually dies in the same waters as her children.

Her tortured soul wanders the rivers and different bodies of water, crying for her children and taking any children that come in her path or hear her cry.

This story has been passed down to many families and is a well-known story around the river cities of south Texas. Its purpose is to keep young children away from the river, and to make children obey their parents, or “La Llorana” is waiting around for you and will drown you.

In this movie, Linda Cardellini plays working widowed mother Anna Garcia, who has two children. She is a social worker and has been struggling with the death of her the-curse-of-la-lloronahusband as she is trying to do the best she can for her family.

The curse is introduced in the film with flashbacks about the old ghost story of the deadly weeping woman who wears a white dress. Anna is working on a case where she becomes introduced to the words she doesn’t understand but will soon become her reality.

While Anna was working on a case with a mother who has been in hiding with her children, she yells, “it’s La llorona” at Anna. At the time, she doesn’t understand what this means. But she will find out once her children become the new target of this evil spirit who drowns children. Anna will be face to face with “La llorona.”

Searching for help to get rid of this curse, she turns to Raymond Cruz, who plays a curandero, Spanish for a healer, who heals in traditional native ways, like a shaman. His decision to help this family will help Anna’s family fight against the aggressive evil woman who wants the two young children.

I actually enjoyed this movie. I’ve heard many different versions of this ghost story, and being able to see it in theaters was pretty cool. I liked the story line.  It was interesting how the old Mexican ghost story became a Hollywood movie.

I liked how this scary movie attempted to tie in Mexican traditions with the curandero. That was a nice touch. I enjoyed the jump scares and even screamed once or twice. I rate this film a 9 out of 10.

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