Program helps prepare students for truck driving industry

South Plains College recently opened a professional truck driving school at the Reese Center campus and is looking for students who would be interested in the trucking industry.

The truck driving school is a 210 hour program which includes classroom, range and open road driving. The next class will begin May 6 and end May 31, with a new class starting every two weeks. The cost for the truck driving program is $4,995.

The purpose of the course is to certify and permit the students at the end of the four weeks of classes. The program focuses on the qualifications for entry into the field, as well as on the regulations governing the trucking industry.

During the course, students will be trained for their Class A license, and familiarize themselves with the Department of Transportation rules and regulations.

Students will be prepared for a written examination, general truck skills with hands-on components, and instruction that is coordinated with the Department of Transportation.

In order to enroll and be accepted into the program, there are certain requirements that students must have. Students must be at least 21 years of age, have a GED or high school diploma and a valid Class C Texas Driver’s License. Students who are interested in enrolling can apply at the official SPC website.

After students graduate from the SPC truck driving school, they will be qualified to secure an entry level job as an over-the-road driver. They will also be proficient at performing pre-trip, on-the-road, and post-trip vehicle and equipment inspections, be able to travel across the United States and Canada, have awareness of safety procedures, alcohol and drug effects, as well as the laws and penalties applicable to the driver, be skillful in driving techniques, and capable of map reading, cargo documentation, dispatch procedures, and regulations of transportation.

For more information about SPC’s professional truck driving school, contact Jay Warnick, director of continuing and workforce development, at (806)716-2547 or Kasey Reyes, administrative assistant, at (806)716-2341.

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