Student creates own path through family legacy


For Seth Hall, South Plains College is in his blood.

Hall was born and raised in Lubbock, where he lived with his family until they moved to Dallas when he was 10. He was homeschooled, beginning in first grade and continuing until he graduated from a co-op in Plano, Texas.

After graduating, Hall decided to attend SPC. Many things affected his decision to come to SPC,  mainly his family’s relationship with the college.

Hall’s entire family—his father, mother, sister, brother-in-law, and grandparents—all attended South Plains College. Although his whole family attended the college, Hall says he felt no pressure to start his college career at SPC.

“I have always heard the normal “It’s a great school, and everyone knows you there,’” said Hall. “But this never felt as though I was being forced to choose.”

Out of everyone in his family who attended SPC, it was his sister’s experience that helped him decide.

“After seeing my older sister graduate from SPC in 2017,” explained Hall, “I could only see how much she enjoyed the journey to get to the point in her life. This was truly a tipping point in me going down the path of choosing this college.”

Although Hall’s family had a positive experience at SPC, it was the college’s true colors that pushed him to become a student.

“Besides the previous mentions of my whole family going as well,” said Hall, “there are just too many good things about the college I personally couldn’t turn down when choosing.”

Hall’s father, Russell Hall, was once the director of development for the college. That consisted of fund-raising activities and alumni relations.

“Growing up, I remember so many memories of my father working in the college, as well as many events, like the holiday lights,” said Hall.

His father’s former position played a large role in him choosing SPC.

“It was truly my father’s influence in the college that truly led me into coming,” Hall said, “his passion for the school and everyone who works in it, all for good reason. After being here a year, I am happy to say it was the best decision coming because of my father and my whole family’s history here.”

Hall remembers how active his grandparents were in the school when he was a child.

“All I can truly remember is how much they were able to donate towards scholarships for students,” recalled Hall. “In fact, they have two bricks in front of the entrance for the Student Center stating their contributions to the college.”

While at SPC, Hall is majoring in Public Relations. He plans to transfer to Texas Tech University and major in Advertising. After graduating from Texas Tech, Hall plans on moving back to Dallas, where his parents currently live, and work for an advertising team in a corporation or business.

For Hall, the relationships he has with many professors at SPC started many years ago.

“I have so many fond memories,” said Hall, “of my father working in the college with the very professors I am currently taking now.”

Outside of classes, Hall is very active in the West Texas Outlaws car club in Lubbock.

“It’s a group of guys and girls who are passionate about cars and sharing fun experiences,” said Hall. “We often host car meets, cars and coffees, as well as an occasional cruise around town or country roads.”

Besides the car club, Hall also loves to work on his car, a Ford Focus ST.

“I love to get under the hood of my car,” explained Hall, “and honestly sometimes under the car itself to work on or modify it.”

Because of his love for cars, he also pursues business ventures to reflect his love for cars.

“I also run a local high-end automotive detailing service in Lubbock,” said Hall. “Because when I owned my Mustang, it was one of my greatest joys to be able to detail it to bring out the deep impact blue color it was blessed with from Ford.”

Aside from cars, Hall also enjoys bouldering, a form of rock climbing done without a harness or rope.

“Other than the massive car world I live in daily, I enjoy bouldering, which is based on much more technical climbing that’s much harder, as well as not having a harness on,” he explained.

Hall also enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend.

“We try to travel around and do things we haven’t done before,” he said, “basically just experience life’s moments together.”

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