Females should not be excluded from playing football

By Abi Hernandez

Football was traditionally a sport for guys since 1869.

  But now more and more girls are interested in playing football. When guys hear this, they start complaining and bragging that the girls will just get hurt and say that it’s “not for girls.” Women should be allowed to play on football teams. 

In high school, I played football and was pretty good. At the beginning of the season, I got a lot of backlash for even thinking about playing football. When I finally did, it was rough at the beginning. Half of my teammates were not happy when they found out the new player was a girl. My fellow teammates treated me badly. But I would just ignore them and worry about what I was doing. Football

Even my coaches would treat me badly at times, as well as my own friends. Many people doubted me during this time, saying I was just going to let the team lose and I made them look weak and pathetic. I just wanted to open a new opportunity for the girls who would like to play as well.

Girls should be allowed to play football too, because this is a new opportunity and women have rights too. Just because I am a girl, that didn’t stop me. I had a couple of friends who supported me and helped me get away from the mean comments.

girl fbFootball is one of those touchy areas where men still dominate and girls are thought to be too weak and unskilled to play. But girls should be able to play football if they really want to. 

I understand that football is a very physical sport and can cause some health problems, especially for women.  If men can play football, women can play football. Not only can they play with other women, but they should be able to compete with men. It’s only fair. 

Other than the injuries, I don’t see why they won’t give girls a chance. The only thing I do see as a problem is women playing in professional football. High school is different because you are not going against 6-foot-4, strong men ready to bulldoze anything and everything in the way. I am all for girls playing football and trying to get equal treatment. But since the guys are physically stronger, it is more likely for women to get concussions or worse.

The big question is, can they play? Of course. Not every position in football requires you to bench 300 pounds or run a 4.3 40. There are several positions that if a woman wanted to play she sure could. A great example is a kicker. When I played, I was a center field, and on occasion, I was a cornerback. 

I got injured during my freshman year and I was almost paralyzed. I broke my knee and dislocated my shoulder because I wasn’t that big and the other guys were husky and shredded. During the summer, I recovered and worked until I was happy with my body size and my muscle mass. So I totally understand the concerns, but women still deserve a chance to play football.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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