Mixer connects alumni, current students

By Abi Hernandez

Current students had the opportunity to network and hear from former students during the Texan-to-Texan Mixer held at South Plains College

The event was held on Aug. 27 in the Sundown Room of the Student Center on the Levelland campus. The purpose of the mixer was to celebrate the alumni’s’ journey of completing their years at SPC. There was food and live music provided for students, staff, and the alumni who attended the event.

The host, Stephanie Smith, said she started as an English major and switched to her second major, Public Relations. Smith attended South Plains from 2009 to 2011. 

“ SPC helped me to blossom into my own person,” said Smith. 

Among her favorite memories is when she was in the Miss Caprock Pageant, representing the LGBTQ community. Smith was also a Mascot and Campus Ambassador. Her advice to students was to “get involved and meet new people.” Since 2014, Smith has worked at SPC as the Alumni Coordinator. 

Miranda English, an alum from SPC, said that she explored several different majors during her time at SPC. English first enrolled in 2004 but dropped out in 2006. She returned in 2008, before graduating in 2012. Her favorite memory was when she walked into Jim Archer’s psychology class and the class was singing along.

English said she thought to herself as she saw them,  “ This is the place to be.”

Smith’s advice to students is to explore career choices intelligently and see an advisor to help determine if it is the right career track for you. Currently, English serves as the Director of Student Life at SPC.

Among the other alumni attending the event was Amber Langehenning, who was a double major in Human Development and Telecommunications. Langehenning attended SPC in 1995 through 1997. Her favorite memory was “being able to do all the cool stuff like student government, Campus Ambassador, the TV studio, and BSM.”  

Langehenning’s advice to students is to “get involved and find your people.” Langehenning is the District 504 Coordinator for Lubbock Cooper ISD. She also produced seven different movies.

The live music was provided by another alumnus named Gypsy Jayne, a Sound Technology and Commercial Music when she attended SPC from 2003 to 2006. Jayne’s favorite memory was that she had a good relationship with the administrative assistant in the Commercial Music Building, Tammy Amos, who she enjoyed talking to and hanging out with.  Her advice to students was to stick with it, learn as much as you can, and to appreciate and respect all of the professors. Jayne is now a professional musician and a live performer for the past five years. 

A few of the students who attended the Texan to Texan Mixer were asked what they learned from the alumni and something that they thought was valuable. 

Brice Juarez said he learned people end up being like you when you don’t expect them to be. He said what he found valuable was that no matter what the alumni stayed with it, even after their lives started. 

“The alumni told us to always take a risk and do not be afraid of new things,” said Juarez.

Deja Madrid learned to meet more new people more, and what she found valuable was that she should never give up and always take risks. Some advice she took was to try her hardest regardless of the task.

“They told us to never be afraid of new experiences and opportunities,” said Madrid.

Haley Norris said, “I learned about the traditions the alumni had while they attended SPC.”

Norris was also advised to return books to get your money back after the semester and save up for the next.

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