Reyes stepping into new challenges as college trainer

By Abi Hernandez

Andy Reyes recently joined the South Plains College staff as the new trainer.

Reyes grew up in Andrews, Texas. During high school, Reyes did not play any sports, but chose another way to be involved.

“I was a student trainer in high school,” said Reyes.

Prior to SPC, Reyes was a trainer at Monterey High School in Lubbock for four years. He said he enjoyed the high school setting.

“It gave me a chance to be able to influence young people,” Reyes said.

What he didn’t like was that there are more than 700 athletes he and another trainer had to tend to, which was “too much for two people.”

He added, “It got crazy once February came around, because there were sports overlapping and overlapping injuries.”

Andy Reyes joins SPC after prior experience as a trainer at
Monterey High School in Lubbock, Texas.

His most memorable memory at Monterey was that they had a lot of athletes who sustained season-ending injuries who recovered quickly. Also, those who had ACL surgeries were a success, and they came back faster and stronger.

Reyes earned a bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech University and got his masters at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Reyes got his start as a trainer for the Texas Tech track team in 2011.

Reyes recalled that he wanted to become a trainer because it allowed him to help people, especially athletes. He came to SPC because he wanted to get back into the college atmosphere.

“I’ve wanted to work around athletes all my life,” said Reyes.

What interests Reyes about being a trainer is that every day there is a new challenge, as well as the opportunity to see seeing people succeed and accomplish goals.

“There’s never a boring day,” said Reyes. “There’s always different situations.”

In his spare time, Reyes loves to go to movies. He also enjoys binge-watching TV shows, reading, and relaxing with his family and friends.

Reyes said that any students interested in being a student athletic trainer can contact him at His office is located in Texan Dome.

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