Student finds community, opportunities after beginning college

By Danisha Lewis

When I first came to South Plains College, I did not know what to do.

I was down and out, had no friends and I was basically an adult, as we all are when our parents drop us off. Coming to SPC was definitely not my first choice, but I am glad I made the choice.

SPC is a great choice for anyone starting out in college. It gives insight into adult life while also giving the college experience, such as attending basketball games to participate in events on campus. The events really opened me up and gave me insight. It makes me realize that college was not so bad after all. 

The moment I started going to events, I made friends and others who have helped along the way. I feel that if a young adult is starting college, the best choice would be a community college, especially SPC.

College offers students many opportunities. SPC allowed me to be part of many organizations such BSM (Baptist Student Ministries). I also became an RA (Residence assistant), and I also had the opportunity to start my own club. Being on campus has really opened up a lot of doors for me, from winning Homecoming Queen to being involved in pageants. I have also seen lots of others gain amazing opportunities, academically and athletically.

Our campus encourages diversity and equality among all students. The professors care, and everyone knows each other while giving each other a chance.

SPC has evolved a lot over the course of years. Some might even say this was their best first choice. It sure was for me.

Many students think of community colleges as an easy way out, or so I have heard. But it really makes everything easier for those who it has an affect on. Any community college is a great first choice, due to the growth and development it had on younger students who are just getting started. It is cheaper, faster and a more efficient way to get a degree, while allowing students to have the same experience as people their same age at a University.

SPC is a home for many students. This campus has a wide variety of resources that students are able to utilize, whether it is counseling or needing food from the food pantry and much more. 

This is not only a community college, but also a home for many students on this campus. People come from all over the world to come here. This allows people to interact with people from all over. SPC offers many opportunities for students, and continues to do so through the will of giving and understanding.

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