‘The Sun and Her Flowers’ tells life journey of young women through poetry

By Danisha Lewis

A young immigrant girl has moved to the United States in hopes of living a better life.

In reality, she goes through the torment and bitterness of society while trying to make a lifestyle in this new state of mind. “The Sun and Her Flowers,” a novel by Rupi Kaur,  is every young girl’s key to serenity. 

Kaur emphasizes the everyday challenges of a young immigrant girl and her family, while expressing major factors of the life of a young adult woman. Throughout the book,  the chapters are perceived as different stages of life. Through these different stages, any young lady reading this book can relate or who has even felt the emotional pain and suffering that is being expressed. 

1501175262This book connects to any perspective on love and reliance. Kaur shows that it is OK to get hurt and feel the way one feels at times,  while also giving insight into how to heal from such instances. The stages also resemble a sunflower’s journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising and blooming. I was not expecting Kaur to pierce my soul with such impurity and realization.  Personally,  I could connect with so many points described in this book. Many women my age can as well. 

This book covers many aspects of society and how women are treated today. I strongly suggest any avid reader, young adult women and or men read this book and get a grand view of how women as a whole feel, and what men should think about the next time they commit such neurotic acts on women.

Kaur is a poet who some might despise, while others worship the ground she walks on. She is a poet who is not for everyone, due to her erotic writing style, and the bluntness of what she talks about throughout all of her works. The thing that I did notice is that if you are an avid reader, like I am, you’ve come across a lot of similar poets, and sometimes originality can fall short of those. Some people might think she is inappropriate due to her lack of sugar coating and her authenticity in what she writes. 

This book may or may not be suitable for younger readers under the age of 16, as their brains are still developing and they are not fully sure what the meanings in the book are. The book also contains graphic illustrations to describe the poem and what she feels as she is writing the poems, so those images may not be suitable for the eyes of young teens. 

I love Rupi’s style of writing, as it is so relevant in today’s society, while helping and healing those who feel that they are not heard. She points out that women are not alone, and that we all stand together in whatever we go through. 

That truly is the message that should be getting passed around to everyone, no matter if you are a man or a female. She has other books such as “Milk and Honey” that actually connect to the soul while being a tad bit more appropriate for young readers. 

I would suggest you take part of your day to read a small section of this book or sample to get the realization or Kaur. 

I would rate “The Sun and Her Flowers” a 9.5 out of 10. 

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