Making your own clothes has benefits

by Abi Hernandez

Many clothing companies have many different types of machines that produce their clothing. If we made our own clothes, it could be beneficial in so many different ways.

For starters, making your clothes is a whole lot cheaper than going to the store and buying anything made mechanically. When you buy clothes, you usually are only buying the brand of the product and the type of material. Also, the more people get a certain item, the higher the demand will be and the higher prices will get.

It’s also extremely affordable and really fun to be able to see how creative you are. If you make your own clothes, you can make your own unique style. Making your own style is like showing your creativity and also helps people express themselves. Drag Queens are a prime example of expressing themselves with what they wear, because it is all about appearances.

I have a cousin who likes to dress up in drag, and he makes every outfit he wears by hand. He even sews his own wigs. All his outfits are made out of fabric he buys from a cheap fabric shop in Lubbock. When he makes his outfits, they are his own ideas, and they fit him perfectly, since he tailors them to his exact size and comfort.

Making your own clothes can turn into the start of a new career. Why go somewhere and pay extra for something you can do on your own for free? With enough practice and dedication, you possibly could even become a tailor, or a fashion designer for some big-time company with a popular label. For example, the singer Selena Quintanilla designed and made all of her band’s outfits herself. Sewing can also lead to new jobs that are looking for a new

Sometimes, if you go to certain stores, the sizes only range from x-small to medium. The average person is medium or large, and they don’t carry larger sizes. If you make it on your own, you will never have to worry about finding the perfect size again. Many stores carry smaller sizes of clothing in stock, so some of the larger people cannot find clothes as easily as people who wear smaller sizes.

Also, making your own clothes gives you a chance to learn how to sew. Sewing is a skill that a lot of people don’t have that is very useful. It also comes in handy if your clothes get a rip in it. Then you can just mend the hole.

Another advantage of making your own clothes is that you gain self-esteem.  When you make your clothes, it will be something you like and look good in. It also gives you a sense of pride, as you can look at your clothes and be like “yeah, that’s right! I made this!”

Also, when you make your own clothes, you can show off to your friends. You will have clothing that nobody in the whole world has that you made uniquely for yourself.

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  1. I liked how you said that making your own clothes can help with your self esteem and can help you to feel proud of your work. I’ve been thinking about getting some patterns and making my own clothing a lot lately. It seems like it could be a good idea to release some of my creative side and find some pride in creating something that I’ll use.

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