Bryant looking forward to quality time with family, friends after retirement

by Desiree Lopez

Glenda Bryant has always had a love for literature. Being able to share that passion with her students is what led her to teach at South Plains College.

That chapter is coming to a close as Bryant is preparing for retirement after teaching at SPC for 26 years.

Bryant lived the first 12 years of her life in Levelland before moving to Brownfield, where her dad was transferred for work. After graduating from Brownfield High School, she attended South Plains College and earned an associate’s degree.

She went on to attend Texas Tech University, where she double majored in English and business, earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Bryant spent her first two years of teaching at Ropes High School in Ropesville as a Seventh, Eighth, and 12th grade English teacher. She also taught part-time at TTU in the English Department.

She later moved to Dumas and taught full-time at Dumas High School as an English teacher, while also teaching part-time at Amarillo College.

Bryant moved back to Brownfield after her father had passed away and was hired in 1993 by SPC to teach English.

According to Bryant, she wanted to teach at only the college level. She said she felt that SPC was a good place to work, especially since it was close to home.

She started out as an assistant professor, then was promoted to associate professor. About a year ago, she was promoted to the rank of professor.

During her time at SPC, she has taught English 0301, 0302, Composition I, and British Literature. She currently teaches Composition II and American Literature.

English had always been a subject that has interested Bryant.

“I love literature,” explains Bryant. “I love studying characters and the local color concerns, like their way of living, how they were living, what their beliefs were, and what they thought. It’s interesting how values have changed somewhat. The roles of the sexes have changed tremendously, and it’s just interesting to study the various personalities.”

Glenda Bryant is retiring after 26 years of teaching English at South Plains College. DESIREE LOPEZ/PLAINSMAN PRESS

Bryant is excited to retire but will miss a few things about working at SPC.

“I will miss the professors, lunchtime, and listening to people chat,” expresses Bryant. “I’m going to miss teaching literature and hearing the students’ thoughts and their ideas.”

An obstacle she had to face during her years of teaching was getting used to being in front of a class.

“I wasn’t shy around my friends, but it’s different when you’re in front of a group,” explains Bryant. “I didn’t know I had that problem when I came to South Plains, but I did.”

Bryant has no current plans for her retirement. She said that she wants to just “go with the flow.”

She is looking forward to hanging out with her friends, seeing her family, and working out after she retires.

Bryant advises students who are struggling to find a subject area that they love and to make sure that they can earn a living in that field.

“You have to love what you do, or your life is going to be a really long one,” said Bryant.

She also advises students that are in a similar field to make connections with other students.

“You must somehow make relevance to the students that you have in class,” explains Bryant. “That means you will have to ask some questions that make them relate to the story.”

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