‘Bad Boys for Life’ confronts reality, new beginnings

by Cassandra Campos

Staff Writer

“Bad Boys for Life” seems like there is not so much of that nostalgic feeling anymore. They are now “Good Bad Boys” as Marcus likes to call it.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence bring yet another adrenaline-filled, comedy-inspired movie to the big screen. Coming two decades after the first “Bad Boys,” and 17 years after their second (“Bad Boys 2”), it definitely does not disappoint.

In the new movie, Smith and Lawrence definitely bring their A game. It shows the great chemistry and character bond between the two cops.

In the opening scene, Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are seen racing in the streets against the cops in a Porsche. As they arrive to their destination, they hurry through the hospital halls to see Marcus’s grandson for the first time. With Marcus seeing his grandchild, he now starts to question whether it’s time for him to retire after 25 years of service.

With Marcus contemplating retirement, his partner Mike now faces a few problems of his own. He is being targeted by a Mexican drug lord and her son, who both seek revenge for the death of her husband and his dad. He now has to convince Marcus to join him and be “Bad Boys.”

Along the way, there are many celebrity appearances, such as Nicky Jam, DJ Khaled and American Mexican actress Kate del Castillo (the drug lord). The movie portrays a lot of Mexican culture. Of course, all of it is on the darker side of Mexican culture, depicting drugs, money laundering, and drug lords.

            The movie dialogue also has a lot of Spanish. I was shocked because even Mike started talking in Spanish, which I did not see coming, and he actually spoke it well.

The movie is definitely fresher than ever, with different faces and an amazing soundtrack. It is not a disappointment. Although it may seem very similar to the past movies, it’s different than the others before “Bad Boys for Life.” It is very humorous and has a lot of action and plot twists that you do not see coming. You will definitely not fall asleep watching this movie.

You can surely tell that there will definitely be a fourth “Bad Boys” in the making. There will be a whole different cast, and I can’t wait to see what it will be like. I give this movie a 9 out 10 because it’s more on the emotional side and realistic side of life after being a cop.

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