SPC students celebrate King and his visions, through fun activities

Students at South Plains College recently gathered to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., because of the efforts he made and the vision he had to change the world.

The Black Student Union held a birthday celebration for Dr. King on January 21 in the Sundown Room of the Student Center Building on the Levelland campus. 

The celebration provided a great way for students and faculty to come together to participate in fun activities, watch an informational video about MLK, and enjoy food that was provided by Great Western Dining. 

“I thought this event really helped me see more of what I didn’t know about Martin Luther King,” said freshman Abigail Hernandez. “I knew about segregation and some of the things that were happening at the time. But I never realized  how bad it was.”

The event started off with an activity called “Volunteer Scramble,” in which students would pick an envelope and inside was a volunteer opportunity they could take part in within the community. This activity was to encourage students to help others who are in need within the community.

A tribute to Dr. King was also played, showing a montage of some of his most powerful speeches. During the time of King’s leadership in the American Civil Rights movement, African Americans achieved more progress toward racial equality in America than the previous 300 years. 

Dr. King led a nonviolent movement, drawing inspiration from his Christian faith and the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Others were advocating for freedom by “any means necessary,” including violence, during the same time period.

Students at the celebration also took part in writing messages about things in life that bring peace and making origami doves to hang up in the Game Room in the Student Life Center on the Levelland campus. 

“I take pride in helping people and making sure others are educated about our history,” said BSU President DJ Sanders II. “When we put on these events, it means we get to help spread joy and education, because it is kind of hard being in college and having a lot going on. But when people take time out of their day, it’s a good opportunity to show them a part of our history.”

Sanders said he is grateful for all the people who took chances in the 1950s and 1960s so he could be where he is today. It encourages him to help others. 

 The event ended with Miranda English, director of student life at SPC, giving a preview of upcoming Black History Month events for February. 

Those events include: Community Clean Up in the Student Life Center on Feb. 7; an Appreciation Luncheon in the Founders Room on Feb. 10; Slam Poetry in the Library on Feb. 11; Black History Film Festival on Feb. 17  and Feb. 18; Open Mic Night on Feb. 19; and Spirit of MLK Awards on Feb. 20.

For more information on these upcoming events, contact Miranda English at menglish@southplainscollege.edu, or call (806) 716-2377.

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