Raw emotion, catchy beats complete ‘The Search’

by Seth Hall

Staff Writer

Depression is an ever-growing issue that a young artist aims to confront.

In the world of music, almost anything can be expressed, whether it be happiness, wealth or even depression. Nathan Feuerstein, commonly known as NF, is a young Christian rapper whose story is rather depressing. When NF was a young boy, his parents divorced.  Soon after, his mother overdosed on pills, leaving NF motherless at an early stage in his life. Rap quickly became NF’s escape, eventually becoming his career.

His most recent album, “The Search,” features 20 songs spanning a little more than hour. It all begins with the song titled “The Search,” with the lines “Hey Nate, how’s life? I don’t know, it’s alright.”

Throughout the album, this concept of how his life is going is reflected on various tracks. It is quickly seen how depression plays a large roll in NF’s music. Struggling with anxiety and self-hatred, as well as growing in fame, is what “The Search” drives into listeners.

Although there is a heavy hand of struggle and depression throughout the album, NF finds himself constantly fighting these feelings, as well as trying to put himself in a better position in life. The song “Change” explains the artist’s current situation in trying to find change for his life.

“I don’t do drugs, I’m addicted to the pain though.” The song’s vibe in these lyrics seems to start out rather grim, but he slowly expresses the need for change in his life. As the song comes to a close one, of NF’s darkest feelings is told with the desire to change it in the biggest way possible.

“Last year, I felt suicidal. This year, I might do somethin’ different, like talkin’ to God more.”

One of the biggest reasons NF has such a large impact on fans is his ability to relate with them in a real way. Throughout the album, he makes it clear that he is not the only one who struggles with certain issues. This allows fans to connect with him in the most personal way possible.

The song “Only” dives into this head on, with the lrics “There’s gotta be somebody out there, there’s gotta be somebody somewhere, that needs company, and it’s comforting to know I can’t be the only one who’s lonely tonight.”

The final track on the album, “Time,” focuses on how people change over time. Throughout the song, tense lyrics that are heart breaking when broken down grab listeners. The song quickly becomes relatable for many people while also focusing on his personal life as well.

Recently married, NF finds himself going through the same struggles all couples have, although in this song he is able to express how he deals with it. “Time” is only a small example of how NF uses real-life examples in his songs to relate to his audience. His ability to tell a personal story is what makes him unique.

I love how every aspect of this album is created with a real emotions and raw feelings. Every song is made in a way I can either relate to or connect with, as well as being musically catchy. I give this album a solid 10/10 for its amazing ability to connect with listeners as well as for sounding energetic.

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