Library becoming social center for students with renovations

by Brandon Hatley

The Library on the Levelland campus at South Plains College has gotten a face-lift.

Mark Gottschalk, director of libraries at SPC, says some changes happened last summer, some happened last semester, and there are more changes to come.

 “Everything we are doing is about making the Library a modern campus destination for our students,” Gottschalk says. “The idea is to make it a place they want to use socially and academically.”

Some collections in the Library have already been downsized, according to Gottschalk, and the reference section was moved upstairs. These changes allow students more space and comfort on the first level of the Library.

Last summer, new furniture was added. This includes new swivel “egg” chairs, and students can put their feet up on them. New “S” couches allow students to sit in several different positions. There are also mini desk chairs and tutoring tables that are equipped with plug-ins and charging stations. Folding white board tables have been added as well.

Gottschalk says SPC doesn’t want your “grandmother’s library” anymore. He says the plan is to think about the 800 or so students who live on campus, and make the library more of a social center, especially on nights and weekends.

Phase one of the upgrades will include brighter LED lighting, which should be in place by summer, according to Gottschalk. He says fresh paint will be finished up this summer at the earliest.

Phase two of the upgrades is in the planning stage, Gottschalk says, and it includes expanding the first floor of the Library out to where the lobby is now.

For any students who would like to weigh in on what’s ahead or what’s been done so far, Gottschalk is open to suggestions.

“We welcome any and all feedback,” Gottschalk says. “People can contact me directly with what they would like to see, and what they like and dislike about what we have done so far.”

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