Standardized testing discourages students, limits positive performances

by Cassandra Campos

I believe that our education system is at an all-time low. Standardized tests now define you as a student.

I completely disagree with this, given that we all do not learn the same thing. I also believe that a lot of the material we learn is pointless.

One of the main things wrong with our education system is standardized testing. Standardized testing has always been a controversial topic when it comes to education. Standardized testing is used to make an attempt to measure a student’s educational ability.

With standardized testing, all test takers answer the same questions. The students use their knowledge that they have gained from their classes. The problem is that different teachers have different teaching styles, and students learn differently. Different students have different ways of grasping knowledge. 

With standardized testing, you are being labeled with a score. Many students tend to perform very well with these standardized tests, but there’s also many who do not perform well. Mostly, it’s not even because they do not have the knowledge. Many students just feel very pressured to perform well. Therefore, they shutdown and completely forget everything. Plus all that knowledge that they learn is temporary. All that math, reading and science is all forgotten after we pass our test or our classes.

Our education system does not educate us on the correct information. We go through so many classes in high school such as, algebra, calculus, geometry and so on. Most of us will not use all that math ever again. Most of us don’t remember any math.

I believe that in high school there should be more informative classes about things that you will actually need as an adult. Instead of so many pointless math classes, they could have money management classes. That class itself could teach you how to manage your money, how to set student loans and how they actually work. It could also teach you about your credit score and how to build it up. Also, how buying a car or house actually works and what interest is would be helpful.

All of that is math too, except for the fact that it’s useful math that most students will more than likely actually use in their lives, especially in high school when you are soon going to graduate and make life-changing decisions.

One minute you’re asking to go to the restroom; the next you’re making decisions that will shape your whole life.

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