Honors debut album ‘Feel Better’ captivates with new, original style

by Seth Hall

Alternative music mixed with R&B comes together for a unique up-and-coming band.

In 2018, R&B/ electronic band “Honors” debuted their first album titled “Feel Better.” Prior to the release of the album, Honors had grown their popularity by releasing various singles in 2016. With their first release topping almost 23 million listens through Spotify, the band’s success starting growing from the first few songs they published. 

When I first found them in late 2016, they only had one song. The song titled “Over”, the band’s first release, was among the most interesting songs I had heard in a while. I soon became in love with the way songs uses different styles of instruments to capture attention. 

Not long after I found the band, 2017 brought four more singles from the band, the songs titled “Say Less,” “All My Life,” “Forever,” and “Valleys.” As I went through each song with high expectations, each song never disappointed and grew my love for the band. As my excitement for the release of the band’s first album grew, so did the days until it released.

At last, in 2018, the band’s first album arrived on all music platforms. Much of the album has a very fast-paced tempo, taking advantage of several auto tunes and instrument sounds. The songs all relate to individuals and the struggles inside everyone. As some of the songs go on, it’s evident a few songs relate to failing relationships and day-to-day struggles.

However, there is a few negatives that come with the album. The first is the length of the album. With how good the songs are, one after the other, there just aren’t enough of them. The album consists of nine songs and under 30 minutes of listening. My other issue with the album is the promotion of drug in one of the songs This is the only song on the album I am not a huge fan of, due to the nature of its content.

Overall, the album is full of very unique songs that are rather different than most songs in today’s music industry. With the use of R&B, and electronic tones, Honors captures the attention of listeners in a fascinating way. To this day, I love flipping on their singles in my mix of music to switch it up. 

Currently, Honors is in the process of releasing a new album. So far, the singles released are very different from their original style, with an almost rap-like tempo. The future of Honors is looking promising, with new singles being released every month.

Thousands of fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new album. The band is hoping to have the album release later this year. I am excited to see what the future of Honors brings in 2020.

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