Policy changes needed for high schools to impact student experiences

by Cassandra Campos

High school is a great experience. 

But let’s be honest, there’s a few changes that need to be made. For example, the learning methods, dress code and the overall attitude of students needs to be altered.

One thing I would certainly change about high school is the grading and learning system. To pass your classes, you have to score a 70 or higher. High school is no longer about “learning;” high school is about getting a 70 or higher. 

As a recent high school student, it gets to the point where you get so caught up in  getting good grades, no matter what you do, you just can’t learn the material so you tend to take the easy way out and cheat. I saw this all through high school with many students. It’s crazy how our school system has made it this way. 

This brings me to my next topic, which is learning methods. It’s proven that we all have different ways of learning. A suggestion would be to have every teacher teach the same subject differently than the others. Then put the students with a certain teacher according to their learning needs. This would definitely help, and the students would actually learn rather than just worry about passing. 

The second thing I would change about high school is the students, or their attitude towards education. American students tend to take their education for granted and the fact that it’s free. Also, we have a heating system, AC system, and lunch is provided for us, even though it might not be the best. Many kids around the world wish they could go to school, but their parents don’t let them because they must work to help in their house. Or sometimes they’re just not able to go because of their circumstances, For instance, such as living too far away or their own government doesn’t allow them to. Their schools have no AC, or chairs and tables and sometimes even no windows. Since we have all this, we take it all for granted and forget how lucky we are to have the opportunity to get educated. 

The third thing I would like to change is the dress code. It’s not that because I would wear booty shorts to school or anything like that. I just believe the dress code sexualizes a girl’s body, and teaches us that we have to dress a certain way because “we are a distraction” towards guys if we were to dress that way. 

Dress codes objectivize girls. I think that we should be able to dress how we like, without having to be disrespected or sexualized. They should teach guys to respect women no matter what, and not only see us as an object. 

These are three things that are affecting our schools greatly. I believe that if changes were made as I have suggested, high school would be so much better. 

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