Vegetarians base practices on moral convictions despite negative effects

by Cassandra Campos

Vegetarians and meat eaters will always disagree.

Many of the reasons why is because vegetarians and meat eaters differentiate greatly on morals, health and how much they care about the environment. 

One of the main reasons why people choose to be vegetarian is because of their morals.  They care greatly about the treatment of animals. Many people don’t want to have to eat something that had to die just so that they could be fed. Specifically, they don’t like how badly the animals are treated when they are killed and sometimes suffer greatly. To meat eaters yes we have laws against animal cruelty, many companies fail to follow them. Meat eaters just don’t have a conscience as great as vegans about animals suffering. 

Vegetarians also care a lot about the environment. Being a vegetarian helps a lot with the environment, including global warming. Raising cattle for food is a great issue because of the methane that cows release. They also use great amounts of water to raise the food for the cattle and to give to the cattle. 

Meat eaters also contribute to deforestation because they clear out land to raise the cattle or the food for the cattle. However, vegetarians might just be as responsible for also contributing harm to the environment. Just because they do not eat meat does not mean vegetarians are not hurting the environment. They base their diets mainly on grains and vegetables which demand more farming to produce the products. This leads to bad farming practices, which also affects the environment greatly. Therefore, the vegetarians also damage the environment. 

Many meat eaters care about the environment, just not as much to give up meat and animal products. But researchers are looking for ways to harm the earth less. 

One thing vegetarians really care about is their healthy food intake. They think that they are healthier than meat eaters because they eat more natural foods. That is partly true, But the truth is it isn’t as healthy as it may seem. 

Vegetarians lack many vitamins necessary for the body, especially those coming from animals or animal products, such as vitamins A, D, and K2. Some even suffer from having consumed too much soy, since everything they eat is mainly soy. Some soy products are milk, cheese, cereal, and tofu. 

On the other hand, meat eaters can have a very healthy diet any time they want to start without having to struggle and wonder if they are getting the right nutrients that they need. 

I believe that being a meat eater is better than being a vegetarian. I just think that our country should eat less meat so that we have a self-regulating balance again and stop the overproduction . That would solve the animal mistreatment and the damagings of the environment.

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