Residence halls reopen under new safety guidelines

by Michael Ramos

Plainsman Online

When the pandemic first hit South Plains College back in March, no one was really sure what would happen.

With most of the students being sent home, courses and instructors would transition to online. This would affect all on-campus residents, as they had been ready to experience that college life as it had been promised since they were little kids.

One thing every student was told at least once was that you will never forget your time in college, and then they all had to go back home. But now, with the college reopening and students coming back, everyone is trying to get used to the way that things are now having to be done.

With the on-campus residents not being able to visit other dorms and see their friends, or hang out like the good old days, it seems like there’s nothing to do or experience on campus anymore.

Heather Race, Hall Director of Tubb and Gerstenberger Hall, says “Covid-19 has effected the residents’ lives in many ways. Visitation is prohibited this semester, so no one is allowed to have people from outside of their residence halls in their dorm.

Nathan Tubb Hall, viewed from above

“We have also had to scale back our gatherings, even with the RA’s, she added. “In normal semesters, we are able to get all the RA’s together as a group to do trainings and game nights, but that has all had to be condensed to each hall this semester.”

However, Student Life is trying to make sure that all SPC students are getting that experience and enjoying their time at college. Resident assistants are doing their best to make sure everybody has a good time and stays safe.

They are planning events that allow for social distancing such as Movie Night or Kahoot game night. There is even a mustache growing contest.

“We are making sure that everyone is safe at these events by requiring masks, no more than 10 people in an area at once, and having RAs pass out the supplies with gloves on so that it will not try to pass on any more germs than needed,” says Kaitlynn Hays, Resident Assistant at Tubb Hall.

As bleak as things are right now, the resident assistants are doing everything in their power to try and give these college students the experience they were promised.

 Some other planned activities this year this will give students a break from not only just the normal stress of college, but also the stress of this pandemic. These activities include Game Nights, Adulting 101, and casual lobby movie nights.

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