New releases ‘battle it out’ in ongoing console war

By Michael Ramos

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It has always seemed like there was a brand war between video games.

Nintendo and Sega popularized the term console war with vigorous ads, such as “Genesis does what Nintendon’t.” This ad would popularize the console war, which would evolve overtime into Xbox vs. Playstation. The top video game companies have released their new hardware for the new year, and they are showing off their specs for consumers.

Microsoft, the parent company of Xbox, recently bought ZeniMax Media, who are the developers of such games as “Fallout 76™”, “Skyrim™” and many more.

Xbox has redesigned their product and unveiled the Xbox Series X, the newest of the Xbox products. The Xbox Series X has some of the same important features as previous consoles, such as, backwards compatibility, brand new exclusives, and much more.

Microsoft expects Xbox Series X/S supply shortages to continue until April  2021 | VGC
The Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X has some very promising video game exclusives. One of the most awaited games is “Halo Infinite™”, which will be released December 2020. Features such as the Xbox game pass are also creating buzz, as there is talk of cross platform compatibility as they try to reach agreements to bring the service to Apple’s IOS and the Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Series X has up to 120 frames per second, 8K high dynamic range, and true 4K gaming.

Sony, the parent company of Playstation, has also revealed their product for the year. Like Xbox, Playstation has deviated from the norm with their product design, now adding “wings” and a new white-and-blue color theme. The Playstation 5 also has resigned their controllers with the same color theme of the console and similar button layout to the standard Dualshock™. The Playstation 5 also has a long awaited exclusive, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales™” which is ready to fly off the shelves. The Playstation 5 has up to 120 Frames per second, an 8K output, and 4K ultra Blu-Ray.

PlayStation 5: Sony announces price and release date - The Verge
The PlayStation 5

            With release dates closing, it’s important to know the differences that these consoles are providing to gamers, so that they can decide what console is best for them. Both consoles have similar builds, but different exclusives and other features, It is all up to the person who buys it.

These two titans of the industry are battling it out for the top spot, and it is far from over.

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