Fine Arts student presents passionate piece in local gallery

By Emma Crowder

Plainsman Online

Emily Roger was one of the few South Plains College students who were selected to present
art work in a recent gallery show held in Levelland.

Emily Roger

The Fine Arts Department at SPC was supposed to hold a gallery show last semester but the effects of COVID-19 prevented the show from happening. Therefore, this semester it was one of their goals to have some sort of showing. Kristy Kristinek, assistant professor of fine arts and gallery director at SPC, made this possible by booking an area for a few students to show off their work.

“Kristy worked her magic and got us a spot at the Wallace Theater,” said Roger.
The show Professor Kristinek had put together was for the students in the Advanced Painting classes, Painting 2 and Studio Practicum classes. The event, titled “Painting During a Pandemic,” was held at the Wallace Theater in Levelland, Texas.

The art works presented in the show were available for the public to view in the gallery Nov. 6 through Nov. 23. Joining Roger in the show were students Bailey Jones, Trinity White and Isaac Garcia.

Art has always been a big part of Roger’s life. In her younger years, Roger took it upon
herself to learn the basics of art, and she taught herself as much as she could. During her high school years at Frenship High School in Wolfforth, Texas, she began to take art classes in a school setting and was taught new techniques by her instructors.

“I learned how to deconstruct colors and shapes in my mind, and I figured out how to draw
them, shade them,” Roger said. “It wasn’t perfect and I never really knew if I was doing it right.
But I learned that it didn’t matter if I was or not.”

Throughout her time in high school, Roger was taught many things but she always stayed true to who she was as an artist. Her teachers in high school had always taught that skin tones were made with reds, browns, yellows, and whites. But she found her own interpretation of skin. “I always found that ‘formula’ too restricting,” said Roger. “When I paint humans, I’ve always seen skin to be bluer than most people think.”

When Emily began her college career at SPC, she took a Drawing class with Chris Adams
and realized her style was rather unique.

“My professors at SPC have been absolutely amazing,” said Roger. “And they allow me to
express myself in my own way. My painting professor, Kristy Kristinek, is possibly one of my
favorite humans ever, partially because of that fact.”

Being given the chance to show off her work in an event setting is something new to Emily.
However, she stepped up and presented some of her best work yet. One of the pieces she
presented in the show gives an interesting interpretation of the obstacles students have had to
face this semester and shines some light on the frustrations caused by the setbacks due to the
pandemic. The piece shows a young man sitting with his hand on his forehead as if he is
discouraged. Surrounding the man are a multitude of colors and shards of plastic representing the
obstacles life throws at us as humans.

“Creating this piece helped me release a lot of frustration that had built up from this
semester,” Roger explained.

Roger plans to transfer to Texas Tech University next semester and pursue a master’s degree
in psychology and art. Her goal is to become an art therapist and use different forms of art to
help and diagnose patients of all ages.

“I want to have my own practice one day,” Roger said, “where I can help as many people as
possible. I have dreamed a lot about that, and I just hope it happens.

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