Social media taking over our lives, increasing risk for mental illness

by Brittany Marriott

Staff Writer


You know there was a time when technology was not a big thing or evolved.

There was a time when people would communicate through letters or in person. Kids would be outside more often playing. But now that has all changed.

 Social media plays a big part in this because, more often, people are spending most of their time on social media. Tik Tok is a popular platform since it catches your attention for a short time. It’s so interesting to watch and easy to access on your phone. Just to pull up the app. The same goes for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, where a lot of people post or spend their time viewing.

      These days, a lot of kids don’t consider playing outside as fun. They are so eager to get on social media instead. There’s a lot of influencers too that these kids compare themselves to, even look up to. One influencer is Charlie D’amelio, a young lady who has 124.4 million followers and has impacted a lot of younger people. But little do they know that the pressure is on her, because if she makes one mistake, the whole world will so quickly know about it.  Then that’s where hatred comes in, and a lot of pressure for these young influencers. Basically, what I’m saying is that you can’t keep your private life private, since everyone can watch you, thanks to social media. 

       Another thing is that cyberbullying on social media tends to happen a lot more. You can call someone out for the whole world to know. Also, you can easily be hacked because of how much technology has grown. Not only that, it can affect relationships in so many ways. I see a lot of younger people who are in relationships keeping track of each other through social media. This is where fights and drama come into place, since it’s so easy to find a lot of things online.

Image 2

    What ever happened to capturing the moment with Polaroids or just by memory? We hear a lot of “Where’s my phone? I need to capture this moment, so I won’t forget.”  What happened to spending quality time with family members? Now, when you go to family functions, all you see is mostly everyone on their phone, instead of talking to each other.

      Studies have proven that there is a strong link between social media and increased risk for depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicidal thoughts. This cannot be good for your health, because the connection between your mind and gut can make you sick by feeling nauseous, having more headaches, exercising less and having a poor sleeping schedule.

    I’m not trying to point out all the bad things about social media because there are good things about it too. It makes it more convenient to talk to family members who are far away to keep updated with them. If you need information about something important, you can easily look it up.

      Technology has grown from the 1960’s until now. Just take a look and see what you notice about how many things have changed due to social media.

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