Interesting attractions found in Lubbock

by Manuel Muniz

Staff Writer

            Lubbock is home to a rich cultural scene, with musical acts, a welcoming atmosphere and delightful dining options.

            Lubbock is full of interesting things to do. With so many options to choose from, there is something to do for everyone. Some of my picks for the best and fun things to do in Lubbock, Texas, include:

National Ranching Heritage Center
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            Named one of the beautiful places in America by “,” the National Ranching Heritage Center is a must-see attraction. It was opened in 1976 and has been going strong since. It offers a tiny glimpse of western history, along with ranching and architectural style. The best part of this museum is that it is free! You can find the National Ranching Heritage Center at 3121 4th Street.

Buddy holly center

            If the ranching lifestyle isn’t for you, the Buddy Holly Center might be. This gallery celebrates and honors the great rock and roll legend in his hometown. The museum gives a look into the music career, and life of Holly from his childhood all the way to the height of his career and everything in between. Some of the things you can find are his personal items, records, guitars and sculptures. There is also a life-size statue of Buddy Holly holding his iconic guitar. Not only fans of Holly, but all music fans should drop by at 1801 Crickets Avenue to tour the museum.

Science Spectrum
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            For a more family-friendly activities, I recommend the Science Spectrum Museum and Omni Theater. There are many activities to enjoy for children of all ages, including animal shows which allow you to be close and personal with all sorts of exotic critters not found in the Americas. The museum also showcases films, has an aquarium and teaches children and adults about physics and wildlife the state of Texas has to offer. It’s a place that is jam packed with fun, but with an educational purpose behind it. The Science Spectrum Museum and Omni Theater is located at 2579 S Loop 289 #250.

Holly hop ice cream shoppe
Photo courtesy of Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe

            After hitting up museums, I would recommend cooling down with some ice cream. “Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe” is the best place to go. It’s not the typical Lubbock environment, but pay them a visit anyway. Located at 3403 34th Street, this shop takes you back in time. They offer ice cream, milkshakes and other creamy treats of many different flavors, including a vegan menu. It is also somewhere romantic and fresh to take someone on a first date. My favorite thing about the shop is the jukebox. It just adds personality to an already fun environment.

Little woodrow’s

            My favorite thing to do in Lubbock is go to the bars. After a long week of school and work, time to unload is in order. A bar I would suggest is “Little Woodrow’s.” Not only do they offer great drinks, but they also offer outdoor games such as giant jenga, beer pong and bags. The patio area of the bar is pet friendly. My favorite part of the entire establishment is the swings sets. “Little Woodrow’s” is located at 6313 66th Street.

            Whether spending time with friends, family or kids, Lubbock has something to do for everyone. It is just a matter of exploring what adventures the city has to offer.

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