Policies, dress code help guide acceptable behavior

by Brittany Marriott

Staff Writer

 Policies and rules are certain boundaries that you cannot cross. 

 If you were to disobey these ground rules in high school, then you would get in trouble by getting detention or in-school suspension. This all depended on how badly you broke the rules.  

 Policies establish rules and regulations to guide acceptable behavior. It teaches students to learn how to behave properly. Setting routines are especially helpful when working with young learners and teens who may not have that support in regulating their behavior.  

 I’m going to use the high school I graduated from as an example. So, Plainview where I come is from a small town. Therefore, there’s only one high school, and it’s not as big as schools like those in Dallas or California. Plainview High rules and policies are very different. For example, the dress code isn’t too bad.  

But on certain things, I wish they were more lenient with a girl’s dress code than a boy’s dress code. If girls were to wear a skirt or dress, it would have to be a certain length just so it’s not a distraction for guys. Holes in the jeans must be below the knee or have something underneath, such as leggings, to not show skin.  

 Altering your hair color is also not allowed. So, you can’t go crazy and dye your hair rainbow or the school faculty will inform you of the consequences that will be made. Usually, students will dye their hair back to their natural hair color or just take the punishment, which is detention.  

 Having certain piercings is not allowed either. Piercings in the ear are acceptable, but any other piercings that you can put on your face are not allowed. One last rule that I always had trouble following was having your cell phone out in class. Teachers could easily take up your phone if they caught you on it during their lecture. I could see why having cell phones was unacceptable, because during class you’re supposed to pay attention and learn. I know in bigger schools in bigger cities these rules do not apply to them. But in a small town, good behavior is expected for these students. So regulating these rules will  help establish this.  

 Do I agree with these rules and policies? Once I graduated and went to college, I told myself these regulations weren’t too bad in high school. The high school didn’t want students to get out of control. If not, Plainview High School will not look as professional as they set themselves to be.  

 Also, there are students who don’t have a support system to help them behave correctly. This is where school plays a big role for these students. That’s why you see students act the way they do. Either they’re going to be stubborn if you tell them what to do, or they automatically listen and correct themselves. This comes in handy for their future and teaches them proper manners.  

 These rules that are applied is to hold students accountable for their behavior. This helps them learn how to behave properly by setting expectations.  

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