Precautions still necessary for fighting off COVID-19

Staff Writer

by Brittany Marriott 

When COVID-19 first hit worldwide, no one believed a virus could cause so much damage to the world.  

 It was in March 2020 when it first started spreading. Then everyone started getting worried about the pandemic. That’s when masks were required to be worn everywhere when you went outside of your home. Social distancing was established, traveling outside your city limits was strict. If you had to travel for work, then that was allowed. This pandemic caused a lot of people to panic worldwide. After COVID 19 hit, things have not been the same. It’s almost the end of 2021, and we are still having to wear masks at certain places that still require it.  

 In 2020, you had to wear a mask everywhere you went. In 2021, they finally had a vaccine to prevent people from getting COVID. Therefore, you don’t have to wear a mask. I still work at a grocery  store that still makes employees wear a mask, even if they are vaccinated. Why is that? Well, the vaccine is shown to teach our immune system to fight off this virus to help us from not getting sick. My point is that the vaccine still has its pros and cons to it. After the shot, which is the vaccine, you can have side effects such as soreness, fever and chills. The shot makes your arm feel sore, depending on where the shot was given.  

 So, does this vaccine really help cure this virus? This vaccine is not 100% effective. I still believe you can get infected by this virus. It does prevent fewer people from getting Covid and spreading it to others. The vaccine causes your immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like if you were to be exposed to this virus. You develop immunity to that virus without having to get the virus.

 COVID-19 is the illness that develops from coming in contact with the coronavirus. Coronavirus causes a severe acute respiratory syndrome. The reason it’s called COVID-19 is because this virus was first discovered in 2019. A lot of people questioned why it was not called COVID-20 when it first hit globally. Coronavirus first started spreading in China, then traveled from one country to another. As people started traveling around the world, it spread quickly. 

 A lot of researchers who are experts say that the virus originated from bats which caused SARS Cov-2. SARS-Cov-2 also stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.  

 It is a lot of information to know about, but all we can do is accept that this is how the world is going is going to be for a while, having to wear masks and stay socially distant. In 2021, the virus has slowed down after more people were vaccinated, but people are still getting sick or dying from coronavirus. The elderly and babies are most at risk of getting sick. But, honestly, everyone is at risk. You’re surrounded by people every day, and you’re basically touching objects all the time. So, wash your hands.  

 People still need to take precautions. Don’t let the virus take over again. Keep moving forward with your lives, and hope that things will eventually go back to normal one day. 

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