Help save Earth by recycling

by Brittany Marriott 

Staff Writer

 Our Earth is very important, so we should take care of it.  

 But instead, we are causing damage to our planet every day. How do we prevent this from happening? Well, we can’t, but we can at least try by doing simple things.  

 Recycling is one way to protect the earth. Recycling conserves resources, saves energy, and protects the environment. Without recycling, it would reduce the need to grow, harvest, or extract new raw materials. This reduces harmful disruption and damages being done to the Earth, such as forests being cut down, rivers diverted, wild animals being harmed and increasing pollution. 

 In daily life, we are constantly using paper, which means trees are being cut down. The process of manufacturing paper releases Nitrogen, Sulfur and Carbon Dioxide into the air, contributing pollution.  This is causing certain species to become extinctive in the environment. If we used less paper, trees won’t be converted into a piece of white printing paper.  

 Also is reusing water bottles helps protect natural habitats. A reusable water bottle takes less oil to produce and helps reduce the plastic burden on landfills, oceans, streams, and other places waste ends up. If plastic ends up in the ocean, sea animals are more likely to choke and die. So, try reusing bottles and cups to stop this from happening.  

 Water is being used every day. But this is also affecting our earth. The less water that is wasted down the drain, the more water is available in lakes, rivers, and streams. Water is beneficial for our health, but it’s important for the wildlife to access in order to survive. 

 These are just some ways we can help our earth be clean and healthy. If you want to protect the earth, you can always volunteer in your community. You can make sure you’re recycling and not littering. I like to volunteer by planting more plants, because this provides not only habitat but food for wildlife. Plants are beneficial for the earth, since they release oxygen into the atmosphere.  

 Have you ever seen the movie, “The Lorax?” It’s a tale about a person’s responsibilities to the environment. The main message behind the movie is to respect the environment and all living creatures.  In the movie, a young boy lives in a town where trees don’t exist. The boy is willingly determined to hunt down a certain tree to win his crush over. He then leaves town and comes upon what used to be a forest and finds “Once-Ler.” This Once-Ler explains how the forest was filled with trees but was destroyed by him and a man factory. He used the trees for his business, and oil from the factory ruined the wildlife’s home.  

 This forest was created by “The Lorax.” He’s the one that speaks for the trees. He tried stopping the Once-Ler from destroying and using the forest’s trees, which caused the wildlife to move to another location since there wasn’t any water or food.  

 The whole point of this story is to show that this is happening today on our earth. If we would quit hurting the earth, it would be a lot cleaner, and wildlife would not start becoming extinct. We’re causing so much damage. To prevent this from happening, let’s act today by doing what’s right. Even one simple thing can make our world a better place. 

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