Procrastination not something to put off

Brittany Marriott 

Staff Writer

 Procrastinating is something you postpone or put off doing.  

 A lot of people tend to do this when they have an assignment for a class or project due for work.  This lack of motivation gets in the way of our successes.  

 You tend to hear a lot of people say they need to get a lot of errands or certain things done, such as cleaning their car or opening the fridge to find nothing but emptiness. Why? Because maybe they keep telling themselves, “I’ll go the grocery store tomorrow.” But when the next day comes along, they don’t want to go. 

 A lot of college students struggle with this, especially when they have a pile of homework stacked up. For some college students, it’s understandable. They could be busy working all the time, or playing sports that take up a lot of time. Yes, I know homework is important, but sometimes it’s hard to make time for it.  

 I got sick recently and I couldn’t get out of bed for a week. By the end of the week, I had missed assignments. It wasn’t because I had a lack of motivation, but I had a lack of energy. Sometimes in life things get in the way that we cannot help. I wish I could say life was easy, but it’s not.  

 I know a lot of people struggle with procrastination too, not only because of a busy schedule. These people tend to procrastinate because they are busy binge-watching Netflix all day or going out. You think you have enough time to do whatever you’re stressing about, but in reality, these people avoid it as much as possible. 

 There are so many things you can procrastinate about. When it comes down to finishing a task, we stress later because we put it off. Most of us are guilty of doing this because we’re not all perfect. We are human, and that’s okay. But I discovered some methods that may help you to not become distracted.  

 First, you must have a clear mind. Sitting around all day isn’t going to do you any good. Start off by waking up early and planning out your day. Haven’t you heard “the early bird gets the worm?” Well, this is true. The earlier you get up, the more likely you’ll get things done faster and over with. Planning out how your day is going to be will help. Set an alarm to wake up early, then write down notes on a notepad or on your phone. Start making a list of things you need to do. As you go about your day, start checking off what you have accomplished so far. This shows how much more you must do.  

 Another method I’ve discovered is social media can be a big distraction that leads to procrastination. We get so easily distracted by one TikTok or one Facebook post that leads to another TikTok or  Facebook post. We’re using our phones to waste when we can easily get things done. So, try putting your phone down, or turn it on “do not disturb.” Yes, there’s a button for that, we just tend to not use it.  Take some time for yourself without being distracted. It will help tremendously by helping you keep up with your tasks such as homework assignments.  

 If you have a problem with procrastination, give these methods a try. It can help improve your grades  and relieve anxiety and stress. This will save you a headache, and you will feel good about yourself at  the end of the day.  

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